I love the Sunflowers that are in the farmstands now.  So sunshiney for the tablescape.  I think they look awesome in a blue mason jar.  A tip that I read one time is that if you cut the stem under running water a little that it makes them last longer.


It’s fun to buy a new lipstick for the beginning of Fall.  Avon lipstick is always good and I think that I like the Heat Wave color, but everyone has different tastes.  Kind of a good deal right now for the Beyond Color lipstick marked down from $8.00 to $4.99.


Good time to celebrate the beginning of Fall by riding the bike on the walking trail for a change.


Maybe buy a new cardigan would be fun.  I like the above style.


I like the above style jacket.  It’s light and just right for Fall.

Fall capsule

A lot of blogs have capsules where you can make a ton of outfits from a few separate items.  I like the above idea where items can be switched to make lots of different looks. The above was an idea for a Fall capsule.


It’s a good time to switch around Fall clothes into the closet.  The above is my idea of an affordable dream walk in closet.  I have a walk in closet, but not all the built in shelves or the middle island.

0b60303400ec6dbb01414f24697bf443 - Copy

I would add the above hassock to the end of the island.  So elegant looking.


Then a beautful crystal chandelier for a finishing touch.  Love it!  I always was a dreamer.


A new bag for Fall is always a neat idea.  I love the above style, but I know there are lots of ideas.


I love dinnerware and one of my favorites is the Pfalzgraff Pistoulet collection.  I own the above set that I bought one piece at a time.


I love cauliflower rice and I like the idea of the above Mushroom Risotto for a healthy lunch.  It’s really easy if you buy that frozen cauliflower rice that has peas and carots in it.  You just stir in a little beef broth to the microwaved “rice” in a frypan and  add some sliced sauteed mushrooms with a little parmesan over the top.  I have the above recipe which is using cauliflower chopped in a food proceessor on my veggie pinterest board.

And that’s my thoughts for the beginning of September.


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