Ultimate Cottage Garden Inspirations

The above layout for a Cottage garden is the style that I like for a kitchen garden.

I would have a picket fence and all kinds of old fashion flowers like Foxgloves.

Climbing roses are a must have and they just are the ultimate.

Peonies are just beautiful and once planted, they come up every year. A must have.

Delphiniums are such a nice color and an all time favorite.

Herbs like Rosemary and salad greens along with veggies are also a must have.

Then the Spring bulbs that are planted in the Fall and come up early in Spring are just so beautiful.

Colorful Tulips can be planted in all kinds color patterns.

Then a secret garden that has a place for a table. So romantic and just so fun. That tablecloth is from April Cornell. She has a website and also you can get catalogs with all her products. Her latest catalog is called “Spring in Bloom”.

Another idea is a little Coy pond for goldfish complete with a little waterfall.

Lots of fun can be had with gardens. So many ideas out there.

Little critters do like to sample whatever you have in a garden. I have heard that they don’t like Marigolds and if you plant Marigolds on the outside rows of a garden, most critters will not attack your garden too bad.

I love blue Hydrangas. I can just imagine picking the Hydrangas for a French style cottage kitchen. The ultimate dream.

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