Spring Ideas

Nigella Larson has a recipe for Ginger Carot Cake. It is perfect for this time of year. I pinned the recipe on my cake board on my Pinterest and the recipe is also on Nigella’s website.

I would love a chicken house like the above. So cute. Right now is the time of year that they have have baby chickens that you can buy and raise.

There are all kinds of chickens and the ones that they call Silky chickens are very cute to have a few of.

A country black and white chicken is cute to add to the mix.

And then a colorful rooster

Plus a white mountain rooster.

Then the cute regular hens.

With a variety of chickens, you get all kinds of colors for eggs like Martha Stewart does. On Pinterest, they had the best chickens for eggs.

My favorite Spring bulb is the Daffodil. They look like sunshine to me and they look so beautiful along a little garden path.

Baby chicks and Daffodils are so Spring like.

This is the time of year that you will see Robin’s nests that always have blue eggs in them.

It’s also the time of year for Spring brunches with fun bubbly drinks.

I love it when the maple creamee’s are back. It’s best to ask for a small and I have seen smalls that were as big as the above.

I like aprons and they have all kinds of aprons to choose from. I like farmhouse type aprons.

I like colored glass bottles and Spring plants. Some people acturally grow lemon tree plants inside. Totally awesome.

I like the Lenox dinnerware like the above. I have a small set for four of that pattern. It’s perfect for a spring table.

I have a silver Prius for a car, but would love a new one. The 2019’s have all wheel drive and I just love the looks of it.

A new white blouse is a must for Spring. I like the above style that was on one of the home shopper networks.

And then a new dress and matching pocketbook is a must have. The above dress was on sale at J C Penney’s.

French women just have a very unique style and I started following some of the French style fashion women on Instagram to keep up on what is in fashion.

On April 18th, my favorite farmstand is opening and they will have all kinds of Pansies and Johnny Jump Ups from their Greenhouses. Love it.

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. As bad is winter is in this area as it kind of drags on a little much, I still enjoy something from every season of the 4 seasons of Vermont.

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