Rainy April day

A good morning for heart warming coffee for sure! It has rained all week here and the rivers are all really high and there are flood warnings.

Little kids always love puddles on days like this.

It’s just a good day to stay warm and cozy inside with a nice cup of coffee.

If you people watch, little kids will linger a little ways behind their Mama’s and walk and splash their feet in any puddle they come across.

Today is the perfect day for a nice bowl of hot soup and a Spring type wrap.

On days like this, there is always a kind of fog that is heavy in the air and the ground is covered with dew from all the rainy days in a row. Rural areas are quiet and peaceful.

I like coffee mugs and collect all kinds of them.

I love farmers markets and food co-ops. And what is not to love about an ice cold mug of craft beer. So I guess that I was born in the right state. 🙂

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