Monday Inspirations

It’s kind of fun to keep a journal. Starting out with what you are grateful for, what would make today great and daily affirmations. Plus a couple of other things that make you feel good, and motivate you like a quote.

I like the above quote. I also found a quote that said that whatever makes you uncomfortable is your biggest opportunity to grow. So you must step out of your comfort zone to grow. You have to expand boundaries and take risks which is crucial to personal growth.

Inspirations are always helpful and they make days more inspiring.

The above Spring bulb plants were in my Email for ideas for mothers day. I think that the colors are beautiful together and are an idea for colors that look good together for a flower garden.

Anna Griffin crafts are sold on HSN home shopping network. The above kit for Dad’s day is so awesome. So fun to make a creative card using her kit. The above kit is for what she calls a wallet card kit.

The above is what comes in the kit and Anna Griffin usually includes ideas for finished cards.

They are called “wallet cards” because you actually make a wallet style card with the kit.

The wallet opens up and you can put a gift card in one of the slots.

The kit lets you design all kinds of wallet style cards that have slots for a gift card inside.

Such a cute idea.

Another kit from Anna Griffin, that is neat, is her botanical kit to make beautiful craft cards. She is going to be on Craft Day on HSN on May 7th. She was showing her newest kits on her website that are going to be in that show.

Anna Griffin kits are fun because everything is there to make creative cards that are kind of Victorian and would be difficult to be found in a store.

Anna also had several card kits that are just beautiful.

She had an Emellishment kit that was awesome looking.

All kinds of roses for embellishments in her kit.

A juice machine is a nice tool to have in the kitchen. The juice machine that I have cost almost as much as a kitchen aid stand mixer. To wash it, you have to take it all apart and it has to be put back together just right. To use it correctly, there are all kinds of videos on Youtube. That’s what is nice about Youtube. You can get directions for almost everything.

And that is some inspirations for this last Monday in April. The leaves are really coming out on the trees now and the Spring bulbs are starting to flower. It’s beginning to look a lot like Spring.

2 thoughts on “Monday Inspirations

  1. I’m going to have to look her up. I’m certainly the opposite of crafty, and I have no kids at home anymore to help me, but it looks like I might be able to make some cards! Thanks!

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    1. Hi Chef Mimi…..What I like about Anna Griffin kits is she has everything there to make the card your own, but with everything from her collection to create with. I’m kind of craftsy and the kits just make it look like your an artist or something. Thanks for the comment! Have a nice day!

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