I made a poster out of the above photo and gave it to my son when he first bought his house. He has the poster on the wall by the entrance to his house. I also made several pictures of Nantucket Island and put them in a huge window frame that he has near his dining room table. And then a framed photo of Sunapee Harbor.

When he was having some electrical work done in his house, the guy asked if my son was a sailor.

I also made a photo of the above from Paris. I totally love Paris and because I took 4 years of French in school, I can fool people into thinking that I speak fluent French. I know just enough to sound good anyways.

Paris is such a romantic city and I can just picture it, even if I more then likely will never get to see it. I have traveled there in DVD videos and read almost every book I could find on French living and Paris.

Paris is called the “City of Lights”. So very beautiful.

Everything about the place is just totally awesome.

The above breakfast on a balcony with the Eiffel Tower in view is like a dream of all dreams.

Beautiful flower shops in historical buildings must be such a site. Wow.

I could just imagine shopping in the stores along Champs-elysees. All designer boutiques.

So much to see in Paris.

A picnic with French wine. Wow.

Farmers Markets that are just the dream of all farmers markets. ❤

The above flower cart is so French. I just adore it.

Then the little sidewalk cafes. Just so fun to imagine sitting at one of those tables with a coffee and a croissant.

Then the beautiful, historical churches.

Ohh la la! The French crepes.

What a beautiful fountain at the palace-of-versaill.

Then the macarons. What a treat.

I could go on and on. Paris, France is probably one of my favorite dreams. I have friends that have been there and some said that it wasn’t that great. A typical city. But I think that they must not have known what to look for. Even the French language is romantic. So much history and beauty.

Weekend Musings

The above is Roy Orbison’s Vette that he had in 1967. That was back in the day and I can remember seeing those around. Totally awesome.

The above photo is in Manchester, Vermont. So peaceful and pretty.

I saw the above stainless steel Wok from Target. It’s from a line called “Cravings” by Chrissy Teigen. I think that it costs about $35.00. That would be really nice to have for stir fries.

P Allen Smith has one of my favorite programs on TV. Friday he had a water garden that had a waterfall and all kinds of water-lillies and water plants. It was so interesting to watch.

They put the water plants in floating buckets that had stones in the bottom of the bucket.

You can kind of see the way the buckets worked in the above photo. I would like something like that and would put gold fish in the little pond.

Another fun program on TV that I like to watch is when the Food Network has “Giada at Home” when she cooks with her Aunt Raffy. Giada makes recipes that are old family recipes and changes the recipes. Raffy always gets upset at any changes.

I like garden parties and Giada has really neat ideas on her show sometimes.

The above looks like a coffee drink that Giada had on her show for her garden party. But it’s Expresso and Chocolate Jellies with whipped cream. She put Expresso and a Coffee Brandy with chocolate and gelatin in the dessert. The recipe is on Food Network.

Then I liked the way she had a little wrapped gift for everyone at her party.

A neat idea for a more country like garden party is the above. I like the pink and white phlox in the mason jars. Then the tea towels for napkins and the chalkboard hanging on the tree with hanging candles from the tree.

The above containers for drinks are neat. The Pioneer Woman has containers like that that are sold at Walmart.

My Mom had pink and white Phlox like the above that were along her sun porch. Hummingbirds and butterflies were always attracted to those flowers.

I got some glass Binto Box containers like the above on Amazon. So the above ideas from Pinterest really were a fun find.

My Pinterest is all messed up. I had a ton of boards saved and accidently made a second account when I used the email address on my Ipad so that I could use the Ipad in the kitchen for recipes off my boards. So then I tried to deactivate and I lost the main account and ended up losing the second account and ended up with a new account with my Ipad email address with no boards on it. Everything lost.

Pinterest has no help on their website, except for instructions that are about as clear as mud. My main account is in there with my Ipad email address and it got logged out and I can’t be the owner of it with my main computer or my Ipad. Unreal. I will have to go in and save everything to the new empty account and it will not be an easy task. Like overwhelming task. So I will just save my favorites of all favorites.

I like farmhouse style and the above dining room set was on Market Place on Facebook. It comes with 6 chairs and a lighted China Cabinet. It’s used and the only thing they mentioned wrong with it is a slight mark on the top of the table. To buy a complete set like that new would probably be over one thousand dollars. They were asking $250.00 for the set. Wow, what a find! It’s in Pennsylvania which is a good 9 hours from where I live. But at that price, it would be worth it to go get it.

It got sold within one hour of being posted.

Wishing you all a nice weekend.


How’s the above for a colorful and healthy looking salad. Everything just came together into a nice little salad bowl from stuff I had in the fridge. The salad had baby greens with herbs, avocado, chickpeas, red cabbage, cherry tomatoes and red onion.

The avocado was just perfectly ripe. I bought the avocado a few days ago and let it ripen on the counter. The baby greens with herbs were so fresh that they tasted like they were just picked from the garden.

Everything else was leftover veggies from my last shopping trip and they were so good.

I have seen salad bowls here and there and this one just came together better then I expected.

Then Balsamic Vinegar over it. Just a sprinkle of the vinegar.

Ice water with lemon is so good with this salad. Very fun lunch today. And also quite healthy.

Mothers Day

Mothers Day is coming up this Sunday. I like the above Tussy Mussy type wrap for flowers. It’s so Victorian and just plain pretty.

It would be a neat idea to plant some plants like the above Primroses. The pink and white combo primroses with the dark pink primroses is such a nice combination.

Who doesn’t like Belgium Waffles with maple syrup? Especially when they are healthy whole grain walfles. Then fancy fruit cups. What an nice idea for a Mothers Day breakfast.

Rose Wine is so fun. Adding Strawberries in a Mason Jar would be a fun treat for Mothers Day.

Speaking of wine, how about the above wine party? What a neat idea.

And then the Saturday before Mothers Day King Arthur Flour in Norwich has the above Quiche special. Sounds really good to me.

We would do all that for my Mom on this special weekend if we could, but we lost her a few years back.

Would of, could of, should of. Can’t go back in time. But hopefully she knows that we are thinking of her on this special weekend.

Wishing all the Moms out there a wonderful mothers day.

May Musings

The Instant Pot is so easy to use and you can get great results with it.

For an example, Goulash takes only four minutes and you put the macaroni in right from the box. You saute the hamburg, onion and garlic with the saute button. Then you add the sauce, herbs, macaroni and water and hit the pressure cook button and hit the plus or minus sign to 4 minutes. It takes a few minutes for the Instant Pot to warm up to pressure, but then it’s only 4 minutes and you have American Goulash.

I put the recipe on my Pinterest, but I accidently put 2 accounts on my Pinterest. So I have to go in and fix my password. Recipes I save on my boards are now kind of mixed up.

I have one of those vacuum sealers and it was kind of neat putting the leftover Goulash in freezer bags. Now I didn’t waste anything and I have an easy meal to just warm up whenever I feel like it.

The above photo is what I put on the calendar that I made for my kitchen for the month of May. That is the dream landscaping that I just totally love. Everyone has different taste, but that is what I love.

The above is how green the grass is getting and the Spring colors on the new leaves. I take an old route that winds along the Connecticut River when I go grocery shopping in New Hampshire and took the above photo with my cellphone today. We go to New Hampshire shopping because there is no tax. Vermont taxes everything. And I mean everything. I save about ten cents a gallon on gas for the car and always fill up in New Hampshire. Having a Toyota Prius that is a Hybrid is awesome because it takes very little gas and $10.00 fills the tank.

Also, on an average, everything is about a dollar less in the grocery store in New Hampshire then the local grocery store in Vermont.

We live right on the border of Southern New Hampshire with just the Connecticut River separating us.

The Spring bulbs are all out now. Today was in the 70’s. But tomorrow is going to be sunny but in the 40’s. That’s Vermont. You turn around and the weather changes. Then more rain at the end of the week.

I like the above idea for storing spices. Those lazy susans are nice and it’s easy to find the spice you are looking for as they turn. Walmart carries the lazy susans like the above for about $7.99.

The above is my inspiration for the day.

Have a wonderful day.

Container Garden

Herbs are not easy to grow. So to see all the above herbs at a local farm-stand just is totally awesome. Totally love that place.

The above is an idea that is what I did with the recent herbs that I bought and is handy to have in the kitchen. I got the 6 herbs from the local farm-stand. You can cut from them and they just keep growing back.

So fun to have and to use for cooking. Something about fresh herbs make a lot of flavor in food.

The above is a container that I had a few years ago. I forgot I had that container. I think I’ll get some Basil and Dill and use that container again. Looks like I had some Lemon Thyme in the middle.

The above is a neat idea for a container for herbs and is an inspiration for an herb container.

So that is my thoughts for this first Saturday in April.

Spring Flowers

The Forsythia is out in full bloom now. Plus the grass is getting real green. I saw the above Forsythia as I was driving up main street and I had to stop and take a photo of it with my cellphone. You can see the leaves are starting to come out on the trees also.

I saw the above Forsythia plant at my favorite farm-stand and I want to buy it. Some day I will.

They have all kinds of flowering trees at that farm-stand that would be fun to have.

When I was a kid, my Mom would say “you can’t have everything you see!”. But I want them all.

I love the herb plants and I now own 6 of them. I got Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano, flat leaf parsley, curly leaf parsley and chives. ❤

The Spring bulbs are so pretty.

The Pansies are pretty also.

So many colors with the Pansies. I wouldn’t mind a patch of those.

All kinds of colorful plants.

The primroses are in all kinds of colors. I usually get a couple of those, but I didn’t this year.

I like the pink primroses with the yellow center. They look nice when you put a yellow primrose beside them. Also the red primrose with the yellow center look nice with a yellow primrose beside them.

So that was going along with me on this Spring day enjoying the colorful flowers.

May Musings

A soup to try is the Kale and Cauliflower soup. It had 5 stars and all they did was saute the onion and garlic in a few splashes of vegetable broth for 5 minutes and then added in chopped carrots, parsley and thyme. They cooked a few more minutes, adding a little more stock so it wouldn’t stick. Then added 6 cups of vegetable stock and chopped cauliflower and simmered until tender. They placed 3/4 of the soup into a blender, leaving some pieces of carrot and cauliflower behind so it would be somewhat chunky. They processed until smooth and then poured the blended soup back into the pot. Then they turned off the heat and stirred in chopped, de-stemmed kale and let it set for 5-10 minutes before serving to allow the kale to soften. Yum! I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest soup board.

There are so many graduations this time of year and I like the above dress to wear to this type of occasion. It’s an Isaac Mizrahi 3/4 sleeve ruffle hem knit wrap dress. It can be found on QVC.

The embroidered crop pants by Dianne Gilman are fun to have this time of year. I ordered the above from HSN. They are stretch and fit nice.

The above Martha Stewart Aerosoles wedge shoes are stylish. They are supposed to be comfortable on the foot, also.

I like juice recipes and the above sounds good, especially if it is a metabolism booster.

The above container garden is like having a flower garden in a small space.

And that is my finds for today.

Thursday Musings

A local farm stand greenhouse is always fun to visit. The herb section in the above farm stand is awesome. Three herbs that were my choice to buy there today were Oregano, Thyme and Rosemary. Next time I want to buy Parsley, Chives and Mint.

Flourless Chocolate Cake is always good. But the above Chocolate Cake is from Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s Eat to Live recipes and it’s called “Never Get Sick Chocolate Cake”. It has whole-wheat pastry flour, dates, pineapple chunks, unsweetened applesauce, raw beets that are shredded, carrots that are shredded, cocoa powder, chopped walnuts and vanilla in the cake. The frosting is macademia nuts and/or raw cashews, vanilla soy, almond milk, dates and cocoa that are combined in a blender until smooth.

I pinned the recipe on my Fuhrman Recipe board on my Pinterest.

Yankee Candle has Mother’s Day gift ideas. The above gift bundle costs $100.00. But if you spend $20.00, the gift set is $40.00.

If you collect Temp-tations on QVC shopping network, the above canisters are really cute. I collect Old World Blue and I think that the canisters would look nice in the pantry. You could put dried pasta, couscous, rice and maybe dried beans in them.

I like the above inspiration that was on an exercise room wall.

The above view of Mt Ascutney is awesome. That piece of land was for sale last year. I’m sure that it is now long gone. But it was dream material.

This is another view of Ascutney showing the ski area. I have never skied at Ascutney but Okemo has more trails and they go out and around and are not so steep, plus they are longer trails. But there is a beautiful Exercise place at Ascutney that includes a nice indoor pool. Plus there are tennis courts and mountain bike trails. Vail from Colorado bought Okemo and I think they bought Stowe also.

The above garden shed is awesome. The little garden path, the rhubarb patch and the skylights on the roof to make it like a combined greenhouse.

Stripe material is so French looking. The above dress style is just right for Spring.

I love Sift magazine that is from King Arthur Flour.

And that’s my thoughts on this chilly and rainy day in April.

May 1, 2019

The above was my inspiration for Lily of the Valley. When I was a kid, we lived on a dirt road and I used to go for walks in May and there would be Lily of the Valley along the road in little patches. The scent of them is so sweet.

So the above is my version from the inspiration. The French believe that Lily of the Valley flowers bring you good luck on May 1st. So they must be a good luck flower.

When I was a kid, I used to walk up to my best friend’s house on Parker Hill and there was a patch of Lily of the Valley along the way that looked just like the above.

Some brides put Lily of the Valley in their bridal bouquets. I think that the addition of white roses is stunning.

Bath and Bodyworks has awesome 3-wick candles. The candle called “Sunshine” has Yellow Verbena, Lavender and Lily of the Valley combined in the scent.

Pink Peonies look stunning with Lily of the Valley.

Lily of the Valley are simply pretty.

With summer on the horizon, a cottage garden is on the dream list.

Little garden paths are awesome.

The 3-Week Yoga Retreat set of DVD’s is a nice idea for Spring. It teaches fundamental Yoga poses that are common with any Yoga practice. The Downward Dog, Yoga Squats, Cobra, Upward Dog, Warrior Poses, Child’s Pose and Corpse Pose: Savasana.

The results you can expect with this program are: increases in flexibility, increases in balance, increased strength and decreased stress.

There is an accompanying nutrition plan that is called “Clean Eats”. It’s mostly a well-balanced, whole and minimally processed foods.

It’s supposed to be for beginners and you can use blocks. I found it a little difficult, but that means I’m out of shape.

To lose weight, you have to add like a 30-minute cardio session or something.

How many can afford a Yoga retreat in Bali. I just printed out the above photo and put it up on the wall for inspiration. That photo is where they do massage at the yoga retreat there in Bali. I love the Koi pond with the goldfish along the walkway.

I also printed out the above photo to make poster size and on the wall space where I plan to do yoga to make it bearable and maybe a little fun. I won’t kid you, I don’t particularly like yoga. Who wants to get twisted up like a pretzel? But I guess that it is good for you.

I bought the DVD’s last year. Got the yoga mat, stretch band, yoga pillow and a couple of blocks. Plus some work out clothes to make me want to do the yoga. But just now decided to try it again.

And that’s my inspiration for today.