June Days

On Saturday there is a Strawberry Festival at a nearby apple orchard. The above is a photo of the strawberries that I got there last year. Nothing like local, fresh strawberries.

Then they have apple cider donuts that they make fresh there that are just a very fun treat. I bought a couple to take home and enjoy with a nice cup of coffee last year and plan on doing the same on Saturday. Also, there is a Farmers Market on Saturdays near where I live that I plan to visit.

The patch of Johnny Jump-ups that are at Wellwood Orchards last year were just so pretty. I wonder if they will have the same flowers there this year.

I like the cook shows on Food Network sometimes. Tricia Yearwood’s cook show is fun to watch. She made one of her husband’s favorite Taco Pizza last week. I was thinking of getting one of those frozen cauliflower pizza crusts and using ground turkey with the taco seasoning to make my own version. But the recipe is on the Food Network and I also saved it on my Pinterest. The final topping after coming out of the oven, is shredded lettuce mixed with sour cream and diced tomatoes that have been sprinkled with salt to bring out the flavor. The baking topping on the crust is a 16 oz can of refried beans mixed with picante sauce and then scattered with sliced olives and topped with shredded cheddar and baked for 20 minutes at 425 degrees. So that is what Garth Brooks created. Sounds good to me.

Another recipe that I came across was Ham and Pickle Wraps. You just take 2 oz of cream cheese, softened, and ad 1-1/2 teaspoons ranch salad dressing mix and spread over ham slices. I tried Virginia Baked ham. Then place a dill pickle on each ham slice and roll up and wrap in plastic. Refrigerate at least an hour or so or until firm and cut each wrap into slices.

Easy to make and I think I’ll use them to put into an addition to a Binto box for pre-made lunch ideas.

I have 5 glass divided containers and am always looking for ideas of what to put in them and have on hand for a quick and easy lunch from the fridge.

Then I saw a really neat recipe for Instant Pot sausage lasagna from Tricia Yearwood’s recipes. She used one of those round 7-inch pots that you can use with the Instant Pot. Plus she just used jar sauce and the recipe was on the Food network Saturday morning and can be found on the Food Network web page. Fast and easy lasagna.

Have you seen how they call crudites a new name. They call it a Charcuterie Board. That’s new to me, but it sounds and looks awesome to me.

The above hairstyle looks very natural but I was reading the instructions for the cut needed and all the styling products to get that look. You need heat styling shield product and blow dry it 75%. To create volume you need to turn your head over. Then finish blow out by smoothing hair with a boar bristle brush.

Then you section hair from ear to ear leaving a front section and a back section. Then use a very expensive T3 whirl trio interchangeable styling wand always leaving ends out.

Work in horizontals when curling hair. Take 1-inch sections and curl toward face. On next section curl away from the face. This makes hair look more natural.

For the last section on top of the horizontal, always curl away from the face.

Continue curling hair around the head, always alternating the direction of the curl. Never touch the curls. Let them lie there cooling.

Once hair is curled, use a serum and run through mid-shaft to end. Use supershine moisturizing cream, dry texturizing spray. Hold hair up and spray roots.

If thin hair use tangle teezer – simply tease hair at the roots with it.

Muss your hair by massaging the roots and scrunching hair with hands. Do not use brush or comb.

To get piecy look use Leonor Greyl Paris Eclat Naturel. Use a dime size in palms and finger comb curls back in shape.
The styling cream holds the shape of the curl.

The Hair cut for this style should appear blunt cut but should never be blunt as blunt looks cheap.

Texturize the ends with maybe a feather razor so the line appears clean, but there is actually a lot of movement in it. Too much of a block and it looks heavy.

Long layers that begin just below the chin. A razor “softens up” ends so they won’t be heavy and blunt.

So there you have it. A style that looks natural but is anything but natural and takes a ton of money and time to try and create.

To me, I know what the tips to ask for in a cut and a few tips on styling and products to look for to have somewhere near good results. Youtube is always having videos on creating hairstyles.

I like my little kitchen herbs. I have oregano, basil and thyme. Little container gardens are just fun to create. I like the little plaque that I have that says “Discover the small joys tucked in the corners of each day.

Rosemary is always handy to have in the kitchen. I noticed that all the cooking shows on the Food Network have a rosemary herb plant somewhere in their kitchens. I found the above at a farm-stand and I just love it.

My little herbs like it on the window sill just above my kitchen sink. They get the morning sun there and seem to be happy. It’s fun to cut off little bits here and there for cooking. They just grow back.

Those honey-roasted rainbow carrots were a recipe from the food network from Valerie Bertinelli. She just stirred a tablespoon of honey, a tablespoon of olive oil and 1/4 teaspoon cayenne and a 1/4 teaspoon of salt in a large bowl. She added the carrots and tossed to coat. Then she roasted them in a preheated 375 degree oven for 20 to 25 minutes. Then she transferred them to a serving plate and sprinkled them with lemon zest.

Then the Veggie Ribbon Salad with Pesto dressing and a little grated parmesan and lemon juice was a Tricia Yearwood recipe that is on the Food Network network from Saturday’s shows.

So that is a few things that caught my interest this week in June.

June Musings

Had my first Maple Creamee of the year. Yum!

You have to head up North a little bit to get a real maple syrup Maple Creamee.

But well worth any trip to have the real Maple Syrup in the Creamee.

So fun!

Then when I go south from where I live over into New Hampshire, I like to stop into Burdick’s Chocolate and have a frozen dark chocolate. The iced version is not as good in my opinion.

But the Lemon-Raspberry Madeleine is like stopping at a French Cafe. And that is what I chose.

So many fancy pastries to choose from.

Burdick’s has little tables outside to enjoy their treats if you wish as well as tables inside.

I love the chandelier that they have in the Cafe part. You can buy all kinds of chocolate if you want. The Restaurant part of Burdick’s is really expensive. The owners of the place are Ken Burns and a guy from New York City that also has a Burdick’s in Boston and Martha’s Vineyard. Even the cafe is a little over my budget, but I like to splurge once in awhile. I used to work at a Real Estate place across from Burdick’s at one time. The owner of the Real Estate place was loaded with money. But she did not spend her money and the only time she went to Burdick’s that I remember is when her Real Estate friend from Woodstock visited and took her to Burdick’s for lunch and was paying. She ate so much chocolate that she had a tummy ache all afternoon.

The Iris’s are now out. So pretty. I took the above photo when I got an ice tea with lemon at McDonalds at the drive-thru. The Iris’s were on the exit part on the way out.

I like little bottles to put flowers in for the windows. Hobby Lobby has all kinds of bottles that are really affordable and fun to have.

I own a Prius and paid cash for it years ago. It’s time for a new one. The new incentive has $2500.00 cash back. Then you can get $4,500.00 cash back from income taxes. Plus where my son works he can get $10,000.00 for buying an electric car because where he works is a health food place and they offer that incentive. Then my friend owns a company and can deduct from his income taxes if he buys a company car. Who wouldn’t buy one???? I love my Prius. I can fill it up with gas for $10.00. And that lasts a long time because the electric motor kicks in a lot and when I stop, the engine goes off and then goes on when I step on the gas petal. The only thing that I did not like was that the car is very light and will not go up hills in the winter. We live in hill country. But now the new ones have all wheel drive. Awesome!

I like spice blends and it’s fun to keep them in little jars. The above is a nice idea for the different blends to have on hand.

I have not tried the baking soda idea for hard boiled eggs in order to peel them. But I have tried working from the wide end, holding them under running water after rolling them on the counter cracking the shell a little. That works good for me.

And that is my second week in June musings.

Summer beauty

Garden hedge dividers and a garden gate door just look so beautiful. Then a garden path is the ultimate.

Climbing roses just look so pretty.

Hydrangas are just one of the most beautiful flowers. The white ones and blue ones are the ultimate.

Hydrangas just look beautiful in a vase.

Wildflowers in a meadow are beautiful and they just grow by themselves with no tending.

Meadows, lakes, rivers and mountains are natural landscape that are beautiful also.

Garden paths and benches just look so awesome.

I just love how the manicured hedges make little dividers for a garden. Summer seems to be such a short season in this area, but very beautiful.

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker

I put together the Target Instant Pot Storage Cart yesterday. I thought that it would be neat to store the Instant pot in and it’s on wheels and makes it much easier to move around, store and lift onto a counter-top. It was not easy for me to put together but it looks really nice and makes a nice accessory for the Instant Pot.

Then I ordered an accessory pack from Amazon that will be stored nicely in the trays in the cart. The divided steamer basket is awesome with a handle to lift it out. The cake pan for cheesecakes is awesome and then the Egg Bite mold is perfect for the Starbucks Egg Bite recipe. Plus it has magnets that are like a cheat sheet for recipes.

I put the recipe for the Starbucks egg bites on my Pinterest Instant Pot Recipes board.

The above is what the Egg Bites look like.

Then the divided steamer basket will come in handy.

The double rack might come in handy.

You can even make bread in the Instant Pot. I put the link to the recipes on my Instant Pot Recipe board on my Pinterest.

There is a Lemon Curd recipe on Pinterest for the Instant Pot. That’s always fun to try.

There is also a Cinnamon Roll recipe for the Instant Pot.

General Tso’s Chicken might be fun to try.

Also Mushroom Risotto sounds good.

Clam Chowder would be fun to try.

I could go on and on. The Instant Pot Pressure Cooker is my newest fun kitchen tool.