Summer beauty

Garden hedge dividers and a garden gate door just look so beautiful. Then a garden path is the ultimate.

Climbing roses just look so pretty.

Hydrangas are just one of the most beautiful flowers. The white ones and blue ones are the ultimate.

Hydrangas just look beautiful in a vase.

Wildflowers in a meadow are beautiful and they just grow by themselves with no tending.

Meadows, lakes, rivers and mountains are natural landscape that are beautiful also.

Garden paths and benches just look so awesome.

I just love how the manicured hedges make little dividers for a garden. Summer seems to be such a short season in this area, but very beautiful.

One thought on “Summer beauty

  1. What gorgeous photos. I’ve never been to Vermont. I even lived on Long Island for a couple of years growing up. It one state at the top of my US list, plus Montana. Flowers here in the midwest just don’t look as healthy. Too much heat.


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