The covered bridge that is right in the middle of Woodstock is so picturesque. It’s so fun to go for walks or bike rides through that area.

This is the view inside the bridge looking at the Ottauquechee River that runs underneath the bridge. In the Spring time that river is high and swift rapids are what you see. My friend, who is a Swede grew up in Woodstock. When he was a kid, him and a bunch of his friends built rafts and sailed down that river in the Spring. Only one raft made it to their destination and that was his and his best friend who now lives in Virginia. They all got in trouble with their parents at such mischief.

My friend Sigurd, had a Morgan horse that he used to ride in the countryside when he was a kid. He also used to go skiing at Suicide 6 which is just outside of town.

I love to go for walks through Woodstock. There are outside tables where you can stop and people watch and have a coffee or a glass of wine.

I love to go to Walpole, NH and pick up French pastries from Burdick’s Chocolate. They have a Cafe that is just like a French Bistro. I bring the pastries home and use my favorite French mug and matching plate.

This is a view of Lake Champlain looking over toward the New York side mountains. So beautiful and the people that own this piece of land, built a beautiful Cedar log lake-house to enjoy this view. They stay there in the summer and then have a place in Key Largo Florida in the the winter. It must be nice.

The natural beauty of summer is all around.

Nothing like walking barefoot in the grass. It’s healthy for you besides.

Butterflies are so majestic and beautiful. They are all over the place in the summer.

Chickens just like to be free range. No matter what, they will find their way to where they want to wander.

At least once in the summer, I have to have my favorite New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream. Part of what makes summer.

I love the casseroles that you can make in the summer with the abundant zucchini and summer squash this time of year. If you leave your car unlocked in the summer while shopping, you are apt to have some of the over abundant harvest from people’s gardens perched on the seat of your car. It’s been known to happen. 🙂

Zucchini Bread is fun to make this time of year.

I liked Julia Child. She always cooked with abandon and just had fun with it.

I like to shop and also like a good deal. I like the above work out outfit and it costs a fraction of the same style elsewhere. It’s from Walmart.

Black-eyed Susans are everywhere this time of year growing wild. So pretty.

Summer has it’s pros and cons, but always a fun time of year. ❤

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