Fall Days

I can remember when I was a kid and we had a large family with 5 children. We used to go to an apple orchard and pick a bushel of apples at a time in the Fall.

The above is what I buy now. My son has 6 children and they picked a lot of apples from their apple trees last weekend that they have at their camp that they visit on weekends in northern Vermont. My daughter-in-law makes really good apple pies.

There are all kinds of apple pie recipes, but my Mom used to keep it simple. I remember she would use apple pie spice on the sliced apples and dot the thinly sliced apples with butter. Her apple pies were fun to have in the Fall.

A scoop of vanilla ice cream on apple pie is really good.

I had a recipe for Apple Muffins that was really good. There are all kinds of recipes for Apple Muffins and they are all really good.

If you visit an Apple Orchard, you have to get some Apple Cider and some kind of donuts. So good together.

The leaves are already starting to turn color a little bit, but they don’t go into full color until around the first of October. But they already have pumpkins in the Farm Stands.

Pumpkin bread is so easy to make and so good in the Fall. Canned pumpkin is what most recipes call for.

Fall scented candles are so fun to have in the Fall.

It’s always fun to have some kind of Chowder this time of year.

I like the above style for Fall.

There are beautiful sunsets on chilly evenings.

I like the Sunflowers at Farm Stands this time of year and also there are lots of tomatoes.

I saw the above jacket in Zulily for only $24.98. So cozy for Fall.

And every season of the four seasons has it’s pros and cons. I try to look at the positive side of each season. Actually, I love all the four seasons.

September Musings

I love the Sunflowers and colorful cherry tomatoes that were available at a local Farm Stand. The tomatoes are really good in salads. I also found some Kale and Garden Lettuce at another Farm Stand. The Kale is really good for Green Smoothies.

My best Green Smoothie ever is just putting some water in the bottom of the blender with a little lemon juice and pulsing in the chopped Kale. Then adding Baby Spinach and pulsing in. Then adding a banana and Frozen Mango and blending. I like the taste of it and it’s very healthy.

They have early apples at the Farm Stands now. At Alyson’s Orchards, they have Peaches and Plums that are just the best. I always try to get some each year.

At Cold Hollow Cider Mill that is near Stowe, they have Cider Slushies and Apple Cider Donuts. Yum! How refreshing is that?

I love how they make the Apple Cider Donuts fresh and still warm when you buy them.

I used to love the Smothered Chicken that they used to have at Applebees Restaurant. So, when I saw the above recipe for French Onion Chicken, I just have to try it. I pinned the recipe under my Casseroles board on my Pinterest. It sounds even better then the Smothered Chicken that Applebees used to have because you can use Gruyere Cheese and carmelized onions.

I like the above inspirational quote.

I’ve seen really neat ideas for infused oils and I found recipes to make your own infused oils. I pinned the recipes on my Salads Pinterest board because I didn’t know where else to save them.

In some of the recipes they used McCormick Gourmet Collection herb blends for the herb infused oils.

They used the flavored oils by brushing on Grilled Veggies and it sounded really good.

They used the grilled veggies in a salad adding blue cheese crumbles and a home made dressing.

I saw the above wine bar idea for the kitchen. What a neat idea!

I saw the above house for sale and I just love the looks of it. The front porch and bay window is everything I love. It is out of my price range, but I still love it.

The kitchen is a dream kitchen. Just right. The island, stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. Plus white cabinets.

And it even has a screened in porch. The price of it is a lot for this area, but in California on the TV show Flip or Flop they pay that amount for a real dump that has to be completely remodeled inside and out and landscaped.

The above Rav 4 has a moon roof and it’s 4-wheel drive which will get you up the hills in this area in the winter. I love everything about it. It looks brand new, but it’s a 2016 and only has 30,000 miles on it. It’s probably gone by now, but what a deal they had on it. Whoever was lucky enough to get it probably saved about $7,000.00 from buying a new one.