December Days

Coffee in a Starbucks Christmas blend sounds awesome to me.

Early morning coffee when the sun is just coming up on a frosty morning when it seems the rest of the world is sleeping is an enjoyable time of day.

I love it when you can just dress comfortable and warm for the outfit of the day.

I used to work at Okemo Mountain at one time and back then if you worked there, you got free skiing. I never had time to take advantage of that but I remember we got to tour all the Inns around the area as I worked in reservations and had to know what to recommend when the condos were full. There was one beautiful inn that a young couple owned and the guy there said that the first run down the mountain was free in the morning and he frequently took advantage of that. How fun that must have been.

It’s fun to go for a walk in early winter when there isn’t a ton of snow on the ground. So pretty with new fallen snow.

There is a florist near where I live and you can buy paper white bulbs this time of year and plant them. They are supposed to be good luck for the new year as they blossom right around New Years day if you just put them in water like the above photo.

I like the container in the above photo for the paper whites.

Vermont is known for Maple Syrup and there are so many ideas to use it for.

My favorite maple syrup treat is French Toast.

Also a maple chiffon cake with maple fudge frosting is a favorite. I put that recipe on my Pinterest cake board.

Vermont has lots of rural areas.

It’s really pretty even in the frosty cold.

They have cute ideas like the candy cane door and the frosting loops for roof shingles for a Gingerbread house.

Little Gingerbread men are so cute.

I have the above Christmas cookie cutters that I got at King Arthur Flour last year.

It gets dark so early now but I love it when I go shopping and see the beautiful Christmas lights along the way.

The Vermont Country Store has maple syrup in all kinds of cute containers this time of year.

It’s also fun to make fondue with Vermont Cheddar to have when you have been out in the frosty cold.

The months just go by so fast it seems.

2 thoughts on “December Days

    1. Thank you! I know every inch of Okemo and all the trails and the Condos with the best views because of working there making reservations. Would have loved to spend time skiing there. Would have, could have and should have.


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