St Patrick’s day is this month and everything is Irish and green on the 17th. I like how they have Irish Soda Bread in the grocery bakeries. Then the jade color dinnerware is fun to collect.

I like the jade color salt and pepper shakers that the Pioneer Woman has at the Walmart. They are less then $7.00 for the set and really cute. There is also a matching butter dish and dinnerware.

The above apron is super cute. They have it on QVC home shopper.

Pressure cooker corned beef and cabbage is an Irish tradition. I pinned a couple of Instant Pot as well as Crock pot recipes for the corned beef and cabbage recipes on my Pinterest.

Kate Middleton has a style that is classic and also elegant. I like the green shawl that she had a couple of years ago. The color of the shawl is perfect for to wear for St Patrick’s day.

If you like to knit, there is a free pattern on line for a shawl that looks exactly like the Kate Middleton shawl.

There were a couple of the shawls on Etsy that people hand made, but they were quite expensive.

Irish Blessings are neat and four leaf clovers are supposed to bring you luck.

One of my Grandmothers was total Irish. She gave me a ring similar to the one above when I was a teenager. I cherished that ring and it always reminded me of her. The ring disappeared over the years but I found the above ring on JTV home shopper and bought it. I just love it.

I like fancy penmanship. It really is just elegant. My penmanship is just plain with no frills. I love those special pens where you can play with trying to copy frilly writing.

I saw the above cute little captured Irish good luck and thought that it was super cute.

The above sweater was in L L Bean years ago. I loved the looks of it the first time I saw it and thought that it would be perfect to wear on St Patrick’s day. I wish that I had bought it because I don’t see it available anymore.

When I was first married my husband gave me a cameo like the above and the diamond in it was real. I loved that cameo but it is long gone now.

The maple trees are tapped when the days are warmer and the nights are still cold. Real Vermont maple syrup is awesome.

A nice cup of tea is always nice this time of year.