June 2020


June is a month that is the beginning of summer.  Tomorrow is going to be a good day to have a cup of tea and read a good book because they are predicting a thunderstorm.

101748924_10157886184620971_8464241868361330847_n (2)

There is an amazing Produce box that is available in a town called Chester near where I live and I bought one last week.  It costs $25.00 and it is worth way more then that.  I have had so much fun finding recipes to use the produce.


The baby spinach and strawberries were so good in a salad.  Just delightful.

avocado quinoa power salad

Then someone on the facebook group page that they have posted a recipe for an Avocado Quinoa Power Salad that sounded really good and you could use up some of the huge bag of baby spinach that was in the produce box.


I love the idea of Avocado toast to use up some of the Avocados that were in the box.  The Sparkling Lemon Water was one of my favorites.  Then the rainbow carrots and the rainbow cherry tomatoes were a treat.

I found recipes for Grilled Pineapple, Eggplant Parmesan, Southern Green Beans, French Onion Soup, Spinach Quiche with Swiss Cheese and bacon to name a few of the recipes to use the Produce.


Then the Group that has the Produce boxes had an art contest and the above was one of the winners.  So fun and the town of Chester that originated the group is just a beautiful Vermont town.


I found the cutest plants from the Walmart.  There were about 6 plants in a flat for $1.99.


The plants were perfect for some little planters that I had at home.  They look really cute in one of my windows and have since blossomed out beautiful since the above photo was taken.


The above is another winner of the art contest in Chester.


The above is a dream piece of land.  To have a house with room for a garden and flowers and that view is just a dream.


The above are the most adorable little lambs.  They are so cute and almost too cute to be real.

chair pad

I like the above chair style and the cushion is from Vermont Country Store.  The material matches a table cloth that the store has.  I have the tablecloth in blue and would love that cushion in blue.  So Vermont.


The Iris’s are out now and they are just so beautiful.


You see a lot of painted stones around lately and I think they are neat.  Michaels Crafts had the above ideas and they sell the Crayola paint to make the patterns on stone.



I haven’t been writing on my blog so much lately, but it always makes me happy when I get in the mood to blog.  It really is fun.  Take care all and stay safe.

3 thoughts on “June 2020

    1. Maine is down East as they call it and just beautiful. The fried clams and lobsters from the seashore on their coast is the best of the best. Plus the blueberries that grow abundantly there are also what they are known for. Lots of small harbor towns are what draw people there. Very enjoyable place for sure.


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