Old Fashion Design Ideas


The above cottage style house is a design that warms my heart. The picket fence, the arbor and winding path to the front porch makes a cute little haven. Then the cottage style flowers everywhere. It’s not a huge house, so taxes would not be overly high. Plus it would be easy to heat or to make cool. Kind of perfect for baby boomers that want to downsize or for a starter home.

I like the above style with the bay window and the cobblestone walk to the front porch. Then the window boxes and picket fence. Plus the Cape style.

The above open beam style with cathedral ceilings and the field-stone corner fireplace with the french doors leading to a deck is a beautiful design in my opinion.

Climbing roses everywhere is so beautiful.

The above over-sized chair and ottoman is perfect to read in or to journal. I love the style of it.

I love the above breakfast nook off of the kitchen. The white round table and round rug fit perfectly with the bay window with window seats.

I like the design of the above house. The Nantucket grey color and the cobblestone walk with the picket fence to start with. Then the window box and the window style is really nice.

I like the above straw bag and the neat hooks to hang it on. So handy to have to carry to the Farmers Market. The Nantucket basket for eggs is a cute idea also.

Hollyhocks are an old fashioned flower and I just love them for a cottage garden.

Hollyhocks just remind me of Nantucket Island where you go back in time 30 miles out to sea.

The above little white wicker garden house always reminds me of designs that are old fashioned and I love them.

White Hydrangas in a secret garden are just beautiful.

The above kitchen design is a Martha Stewart kitchen that can be bought at the Home Depot. I loved this kitchen from the first time that I ever saw it.

I would add a double wall oven and a pantry.

A waterfall is always fun to build and have goldfish and water plants in.

The above French style kitchen garden is a design that I have always loved.

And that is a few of the ideas that I have come across that always stuck in my mind over the years.

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