Valentines Day Ideas

Molten Chocolate cake makes a memorable treat for Valentines day. I pinned the recipe on my Valentines board on my Pinterest.

I love pretty table settings. So many ideas out there.

Tablescapes with pretty dishes and linens are awesome.

A butter-basted, pan-seared steak, winter green salad, Oyster Rockefeller and the Molten Chocolate cake make a really nice Valentines day dinner. I pinned all the recipes on my Valentines ideas board on my Pinterest.

I found some recipes for chocolate covered strawberries that I pinned on my Pinterest Valentines board.

Also, a cute idea is heart shaped Macarons. I always thought that Macarons are complicated and not easy to make. Then I saw a ten year old kid on the Food network whipping up a batch of Macarons and decided that it can’t be that complicated. The heart shape is made by using a pastry bag and two swipes to make the heart. I pinned the recipe on my Valentines board on my Pinterest.

Valentines has to be celebrated with some bubbly.

How about a glass of wine and the fireplace going. The white tablecloth with the red roses look elegant.

Valentines day has mixed memories for me. There have been good ones and bad ones. I can remember when it seemed everyone in the office where I worked got roses sent to them and I got none. And someone felt sorry for me and sent a rose to my desk from “a secret admirer”.

But I have gotten a dozen roses lots of times to make up for it.

There was the year I was divorced and overwhelmed with being alone and the whole world on my shoulders. A time that is best forgotten and moved on from.

So another Valentines day here. Wishing everyone a nice day.

Cooking with Eggs

I love extra large brown eggs the best. They have to be from happy chickens that are free to roam. And they have to be organic.

So many recipes and they are frugal to use.

Eggs are so versatil. Lots of ways to use them.

There are so many recipes to be made using eggs. One recipe that I tried was the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for poached eggs over sauteed veggies. (photo above) I used zucchini, summer squash and mushrooms. Then a couple of slices of Vermont Cheddar on the side.

I love Frittata’s and the above is just broccoli, bacon and Vermont cheddar. I steamed the broccoli and used fully cooked bacon and just cut it up. I beat up 2 eggs and put the eggs with the broccoli and bacon in an 8 inch frypan that was stainless steel complete with the handle and could be put under the broiler. I sprinkled small diced up Vermont Cheddar on top and cooked on the stove top a few minutes and then put under the broiler a few minutes. So scrumptious. ❤

Scrambled eggs with artisan bread toast with melted butter is a nice breakfast.

Or you can add avacodo to the toast and sprinkle “Everything Seasoning” over the slow cooked scrambled eggs. When you slow cook the eggs and constantly stir them, they are soft and fluffy. I added a teaspoon of grocery store pesto from a jar to the Avocado with a squeeze of lemon. So easy and so flavorful.

I could not find the Everything Seasoning in with the herbs at my grocery stores, but I found the seasoning at the Walmart. It’s also good on bagels.

I also tried a poached egg on the Avocado toast. I like my poached eggs a little runny and I broke the yolk to show the way I like the eggs. That’s my idea of a perfect poached egg.

Then there are “Deviled Eggs”. So easy to make with the Instant Pot. You just put 5 eggs in for 5 minutes. Then you put them in cold water and the eggs peel easily. You can mash the yolks up with mayonaise, mustard and whatever recipe you have. Then sprinkle with Paprika and Chives or Dill.

In the summer I buy my eggs at the Farmers Market and the rest of the year I buy the best eggs I can find at the grocery store.

I love all the ways you can use eggs. I also have a recipe that is no carbs where you cook up some bacon and then cumble it and then in the same pan saute thinly sliced onions adding a little olive oil until the onions are a carmel color. Then you make a nest of the onions on the plate with the bacon. Then you add olive oil to the pan and fry a couple of eggs to put over the nest of onions. It takes the place of homefries. (photo below) I love it.

So those are a few of the ways that I love to use eggs.


I like the Hyacinth that I put in my carriage at the grocery store last week. It just makes me smile and brightens a dull and chilly winters day. When I got the plant, it just had buds on it. But today it’s just about full bloom and there is another budding flower on the side of the full bloom one. Anyways it’s like a taste of Spring in the middle of the winter.

I made some Lentil Soup in my Instant Pot Pressure Cooker yesterday. I followed the recipe exactly the first time I made it. This time I increased the time for it to cook because last time the lentils were not completely cooked through. This time it was close to perfect, especially with the flavor. I put some of the leftover soup in my Pioneer Woman soup mug with the neat seal top, and it kept nicely in the fridge. So, it made an easy lunch for today and made me smile. I really like that soup mug. It’s pretty, has a nice design and works really nice for soup.

I preordered a Journal from a facebook friend that is an artist and photographer. By preordering it, I got a signed copy that is also numbered 302 of a 1000. The photos in it are so beautiful and the whole set up of it is so awesome, that I don’t dare write in it. Not kidding.

So I like to write and I like craftsy things that I am not afraid to use. I saw the above Craftsy quitlted book cover that you can make for a journal. I have a journal that I can just write in and draw and put anything I want in it and I want to try to make that cover for it. I have unlimited Craftsy courses that I can take on line and there is a class complete with an instructor and print outs on how to make the cover. Actually, it looks like a lot of work and will take patience, but may be a learning experience if nothing else.

The preordered journal is going on my bookcase It’s really nice, but mostly a keepsake.

Have you ever dared to make an opinion on anything on Facebook? Well I did a couple of times. And I got private messaged that I was ignorant because I did not agree with someone. In other words, I was told in no uncertain terms to just shut up, because my opinion was not worthy of being able to speak.

Well, I private messged right back that I would rather be ignorant then to be an educated idiot. And I don’t care who they think they are, I will have any opinion I want and when there is a law against that, then we are no better then the worst communist country that there is. And after I stated that, I smiled. 🙂

Then after that I got a private message on my facebook that I had a photo from Pinterest of some big butt vegetable stand in Iowa. I think that I may have liked the photo and it went into one of my boards. Well………..this very important photo did not have permission to be liked. Seriously. I am not kidding. And I was told in no uncertain terms that it better not be on my blog. I think I have 2 people that have ever looked at my blog and they do not have to worry. My blog is simply a hobby that I once had fun with and I once had fun with Pinterest. Not much is allowed to have fun with anymore. Unreal. It kind of tried to take my smiles away from the day.

And that is my smiles for the day. I try to think positive and am trying to stay away from anything that takes me down. I guess that is all any of us can do.

January Adventures

I usually make a Fritatta with onions and musrooms with cheddar that I make in my 8 inch frypan. I sautee the onions and mushrooms, mix in the 2 beaten eggs and cook the bottom of the Frittata for a few minutes on the stove. Then I add a little more grated cheddar on the top and put it under the broiler.

Today I was a little more adventurous and steamed some organic broccoli that I had in the freezer that was left over from a stir fry. I added that to the egg mixture along with grated Cabot Cheddar, shaved Parmesan and chopped cooked bacon. I put some grated cheddar over the top after cooking for a few minutes on the stove. Then I put it under the broiler for a few minutes and it was absolutely delicious.

The next recipe I am going to try is the Copycat Wendy’s Chili in my Instant Pot. I have all the ingredients that the recipe calls for except the hamburg. I’m going to get some grass fed hamburg from a local store where they specialize in meat and a Deli. I pinned the recipe on my Soup recipes board on my Pinterest.

I absolutely love Nantucket Island and I came upon a story of a person that spent a winter weekend on the island. It just sounded like so much fun, even in the winter. She said that some shops were not open, but a lot were and prices were much more reasonable then in the summer.

I saw a neat idea for a cover for an office chair. It was sheepskin and I just love the idea. So comfy and cozy.

I saw a really interesting recipe for Lemon-Olive Oil Cupcakes on the Tricia Yearwood Food Network show. Tricia had Chloe Coscurelli on her show who won Cupcake Wars with her recipe. The frosting on the cupcakes was Coconut Whipped Cream. Chloe’s recipes are non-dairy and no carbs. I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest Tricia Yearwood Recipes board. I also pinned the recipe on my Cupcake Recipe Pinterest board.

Tricia also made Tomato Bisque and Avocado Toast that looked really good. I pinned both of those recipes on my Tricia Yearwood Recipes board on my Pinterest.

I am going to work on my blog where I can add a page with my favorite recipes and also that pin button that will take you to the recipe that you can put on each recipe.

I would also like to be able to get the plug ins but have to come with $200.00 to upgrade. It won’t be any time soon.

It has been freezing cold around here at the beginning of the week. The above is water that froze on ledges next to the road. We got a huge snowstorm. Then today it warmed up and it rained and there is flooding from where ice broke up on the rivers. Now tonight it’s getting cold again and the roads are all iced up. Tomorrow it’s going to be snow again.

This weather is the pits. Looking forward to Spring.


We were supposed to get a bad snowstorm starting at 4:00 PM today, so I went grocery shopping early. I love going up Route 5 as there is always something fun to see. I love the frozen ice on the ledges beside the road. So pretty.

There is also a frozen waterfall that is just beautiful along the road.

I love going along Route 5 as it is an old Vermont road that goes along the Connecticut River. I have seen deer, turkeys, a baby white owl on the very top of a telephone pole, bobcat and a fox to name a few of the wild life at different times of the year.

You can also see Mt Ascutney in the distance as you are driving along. Route 5 has been there since I was a little girl. Interstate 91 took it’s place and is faster, but I prefer the slow, scenic route. We used to take route 5 all the way up to northern Vermont to our grandparents farm in the summer when I was a kid. It used to take all day and my Mom would pack a picnic to stop and have along the way. Now it takes about 2 hours to go up the Interstate to where my grandparents lived.

I love old Vermont. It’s just beautiful any time of the year.

The covered bridges are just so much a part of Vermont, along with a lot of Colonial houses and churches.

There seem to be a lot of squirrels this year and they are always running across the road when you are driving along.

If you have a bird feeder, the squirrels are always there to check it out.

There are a lot of people that do not like the winters in Vermont, especially when you get older. We call them “snowbirds” as they spend the summer in Vermont and then head to Florida in the winter.

I like all the four seasons myself and that’s why my blog is called “Year in Vermont”. It’s fun for me to write about what I like and find delightful in each season.

January mid-month

Mt Ascutney is the most beautiful mountain ever. Can you imagine living in the above house and having that view out your window. I saw the house on the market for sale and the next day I looked at it and it was in contract. Someone grabbed that deal fast.

I found a recipe for Wendy’s Chili using the instant pot. It sounds really good to me and I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest Board under my Instant Pot board or my Copy Cat recipes board.

You just have to use the saute button on the Instant Pot to brown the meat and then add the other ingredients. Very easy and Chili is good this time of year. It doesn’t take long to pressure cook it, but you have to wait for the cooker to heat up for the saute part and you have to wait for the pressure to go down before you can open the cover. But the flavor is supposed to be really good and also healthy.

My favorite fashion blogger posted some ideas on what is going to be in for Spring for fashion. The above tiedye is one of the new Spring fashions.

Also the Utility Jumpsuit is going to be in fashion. I had a beige jumpsuit very similar to the above about in the 1990’s. At least they are not going back to the 20’s. The bell sleeves that were in fashion last year are supposed to be out of fashion in the Spring. Also the off the shoulders blouse look is going to be out of fashion.

I like the above laundry room. It is just so cute, but it needs a sink.

The only things I like about the above kitchen is the island, the built in china cabinet and the double wall oven. I like white cabinets better then dark color cabinets.

I like the above look for a breakfast nook. The round table with a window seat and the beautiful ceiling light. I love the blue and white cushions.

I don’t particularly care for the floor or the black sink and faucet in the above laundry room. But I would love to have the washer and dryer with the folding area. Also the laundry hamper on wheels.

I would be happy with the above home office. But I would have a blue and white rug with a similar pattern. And light blue curtains.

My favorite fashion blogger has the above painting in her home office. I just like it and it costs $29.00 at the Walmart online. I want to get it for my home office as I have a couple of gift cards for the Walmart.

What a neat idea for a fancy cake that would be super easy to make. I bought Wolfgang Puck’s frosting decorating tips that show how to make that fancy rose frosting idea with a special cake decorating tip.

I would love to live within walking distance of a coffee shop like the above. What a nice walk it would be, even in the snow.

All I have is driving distance to a Dunk’n Donuts and the Cappuccino was like luke warm the last time I got some.

And that is my thoughts for this Friday in mid January.

January Finds

I love anything French and I came across a recipe for Apple Tarte Tatin, Single Serving sizes. It just looked so fancy and something you would find if you were in Paris or something from a Bistro. I pinned the recipe on my Pinterest board that I call “All things French”.

I also found a recipe from Nigella Larson’s website for a Clementine Cake that is flourless. She has the recipe and you can make it and take a photo of it and if your photo wins, you get a signed cookbook of Nigella’s. The photo above is where someone made the recipe and put pomegrante seeds on top of it.

Then I found a website that had a Chicken Marsala recipe that was one of her top 6 recipes of the year. The recipe just called for chicken tenders, sliced mushrooms, Marsala wine, chicken broth and butter. It was all made in a skillet in 20 minutes. The chicken tenders were dredged in flour.

Then there are all kinds of ideas for making planners fun. I love the Washi tape idea and I have all kinds to choose from for my planner. I also use stickers and rubber stamps on mine.

I like pantry and cupboard organizing ideas. Lots of neat ideas out there.

The above pantry was on the Today Show this morning and it’s Kloie Kardashian’s pantry. Kind of interesting on the use of containers.

I saw the above idea to store onions and potatoes. Kind of neat.

Then I saw the above idea on how to organize the fridge.

I like the above idea to store snacks in the fridge.

I have been seeing a lot on Marie Kondo and her book called “the life-changing magic of tidying up”. There are a lot of videos on youtube showing how she folds clothes. She also has a book called “Spark Joy” and it’s about how she finds joy in her clothes and only keeps clothes that bring her joy.

I like how she folds t-shirts and she has everything neat and tidy.

She seems to put everything in a box. The above is Marie Kondo.

I also like how you can make one of those magazine organizers out of a Priority Mail box. I have a ton of magazines that I would like to keep but I throw them away bacause I have too many and those organizer boxes that you buy are too expensive.

I love the idea of making a magazine box this way.

Then you just cover the box with a strong paper that won’t rip easy.

I think I would use rose paper, but the above paper is neat.

She must have made those labels going on the Avery website. I have seen lots of designs on that Avery website that you can use with the Avery labels and it’s free to print out with your own printer.

I have Julia Childs Mastering French Cooking cookbook and it has the above recipe for Coquille St Jacques. I love scallops and when you put white wine and swiss cheese on them and bake them, it’s really good. Julia’s recipe also has minced yellow onions, minced shallots, thyme and butter on the scallops.

Mason Cash Colour Mix powder blue batter bowl -¿15.99 Daily Mail Femail re: Nigella : At My Table

I love the above batter bowl that Nigella uses in her kitchen.

Randwyck Milano 200Ml 3 Cup Espresso Maker -¿16 Daily Mail Femail re: Nigella : At My Table

Nigella also uses a French Press like the above to make coffee. I’ve got to try it to see if the coffee is really good making it this way.

I also like the above idea for a spa treatment.

And that is my finds for today.