Fun Day


I was at Michaels Craft store a few days ago and discovered the most inspirational magazine that I have never noticed before.  It’s called “bella Grace”.  I just love it as it has colored photos and all kinds of inspirations in it.  I set down and read it from cover to cover.  I got Issue 12 and the Fall issue which is Issue 13 has a giveaway for the magazine on their website.  It’s got heavy pages and is kind of like a book and costs $20.00.  I could not resist it and it was worth every penny I paid for it.  I turned on my fireplace on a chilly rainy day last week and savored every page of the magazine with a cup of hot tea in the afternoon.


I love the Create channel and today they had a program from Yankee magazine on.  They showed loons from Golden Pond.   I love the sound that they make.  They are just beautiful.

fire water

Then they showed this Fire Water show from Providence, Rhode Island.  They had floating fire in a river that goes through Providence.   Kind of neat and and so beautiful to see.  Some artist created the show.  Then they had these blue lanterns that people dropped in the river with a wish and they floated in the water.


Then they visited a Vineyard in Massachusetts that was near the ocean.  Really nice grapes and they showed the soil that they grew in and a tour of the Vineyard.

wine 2

They showed how they made wine and also Champagne.  Love the wine barrels and they took samples out of the barrels using like a medicine dropper tube.

wine tasting

Then they went to a special room and had a wine tasting with wine that had aged for 15 years, plus they had Oysters in a shell with Champagne on the Oysters.

wine 3

They all looked like they were having a marvelous time.  Can you imagine having a job with a magazine like Yankee and going to all these places and getting paid for it.   It must be nice.


On my way home from grocery shopping, I stopped at a place called Hemingways and browsed through their paths.  I love that place.  They have plants and pumpkins and I love their Fall displays.


Everything is so colorful there in all the seasons.  They have Christmas trees in December and then they close for the winter.


They have all kinds of Greenhouses and right now they have a lot of pumpkins.


Have you tried that new French style Yogurt called Oui?  I couldn’t believe how delicious it was when I tried some today.    And it comes in the cutest little glass jar.


I have been wanting to get a Dyson vacuum cleaner since forever and finally got one.  Wow, I can’t believe how well it cleans.  It had 5 star reviews and I can see why.  I got the small ball and it’s light.  It costs over $300.00 on Amazon and I got it on QVC for $100.00 less.  I just couldn’t resist it as the vacuum I had before was heavy and just didn’t have the suction to really clean floors and rugs.  The Dyson is for wood floors as well as carpets.  I just love it.  I put it together and then went on Youtube to see how it works.  I had to laugh when I saw the video from taking it out of the box and putting it together.  They had the same little problems with it that I did.  But I love youtube as the videos give you lots of neat tips on how things work.

Just a total fun day today.  I made a smoothie for breakfast from just orange juice and frozen fruit.  I have one of those sealer machines where you take frozen food and seal it up and it doesn’t get freezer burn and is good for a year or more in the freezer.  So I had some really neat frozen fruit that had cherries, blueberries, strawberries and raspberries that I bought months ago.  I love that machine.  And my blender has a special smoothie button and makes really good smoothies.  It’s a Black and Decker that has a glass jar and I chose it because it was the best value for the price according to Consumer Reports and American Test Kitchen.  It works better then any blender I ever had.

And that’s my thoughts for today.  It was a beautiful sunny day today.  Cool in the morning and 80 degrees this afternoon.



Fall Fun


My Daughter-in-law and my Grandsons picked a bushel of apples yesterday at a local apple orchard in Westminster, VT.  They always have so much fun.

apple cider an apple and a bag of cinnamon-sugared donuts on a red picnic table

I love apple cider donuts and the cider this time of year.


It’s early for apples but they are really delicious this year.


I think that my favorite Fall dessert is Apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  Up to Woodstock, VT they have a place called Mountain Creamery and they have a mile high apple pie that they are noted for.  Then they have homemade ice cream to go with it.

mountain-creamery (1)

You can have a slice of pie and ice cream at the Creamery or you can order a whole pie to go.  I usually order a couple of pies for Thanksgiving and everyone loves them.


The Creamery brownies with homemade ice cream on them are really fun to have, also.  I really love Woodstock, anyways and the Mountain Creamery is a plus and a real treat to visit.

o (2)

There is a neat Pastry Shop underneath the Creamery.  You can get all kinds of pastries and ice cream to go.


I like apple muffins and they are fun to make this time of year.  I put several recipes for Apple Muffins on my Muffins board on my Pinterest.


There is nothing like local peaches that are just so juicy and fresh this time of year.  I picked up some peaches last week at Pete’s that were from Alyson’s Orchards.  I can’t get over how delicious they were.

54c90bd48026a_-_kitchen-16-1009-de 2

I sliced up one of the peaches and enjoyed it on my oatmeal with some blueberries and Walnuts this morning.  Just a treat.


The above is a neat idea on what to wear apple picking.  I don’t think that I would go as far as to get a special Fall cover for my cell phone.  But I think that the ankle boots, burgundy sweater and the plaid scarf is a nice idea.  Though the ripped material jeans are the style now, I don’t like them.   I mean I don’t have to try that hard to look so rich that I can wear worn out ragged looking clothes and not feel like I have not enough money to buy a pair of jeans within 20 years.  That look does not appeal to me.


There are a couple of neat Farm Stands in Westminster, VT.  Harlows and Allen Brothers are kind of neat.  I buy my Fall plants at the grocery store or Walmart and do not pay flatlander prices, though.


I’m no Martha Stewart, but I’ve always wanted to try to make a lattice top pie.  It just looks so fancy.


So fancy looking and really looks kind of fun to attempt to make a lattice pie crust.


I think that Apple Crisp is kind of easy to make and very good this time of year.  I put a couple of recipes for Apple Crisp on my Fall Recipes board on my Pinterest.


I really like to cook and bake.  The Barefoot Contessa aka Ina Garten, has the ultimate stove and oven to be able to get professional results in your home kitchen.  She has a Viking double oven electric oven with a gas stove top.  A Chef’s dream in her home kitchen.  Ina Garten’s style is all white dishes a lot of bland color in her small appliances like her mixer and Le Creusets.  All white.

Myself, I like flair and a little color.  I also like a double wall oven and could never afford a Viking.  But I love the stainless steel look of appliances and the granite counter tops.  What a dream kitchen.


I like Barefoot Contessa’s bread drawer idea from Kraftmaid.


Also Ina Garten’s pull out drawer cupboards that are perfect for pots and pans.


Then the drying rack and cutting board that goes over a sink is a neat idea that Ina Garten has.  And then the goose neck faucet.  So neat.


I love the handy drawer idea with spices all labeled and right at your fingertips.  I could go on and on with all the beautiful ideas from Barefoot Contessa.  What an inspiration she is to me with all her ideas.


Ina Garten also keeps a notebook with hand written recipes of her favorite recipes with all kinds of notes from trial and error and what works.  She has a whole library of cook books.


And then on top of having a kitchen to die for, Ina Garten has beautiful gardens and cuts flowers from her gardens for her table and uses fresh herbs from her garden for her cooking.  Plus she has outdoor dining space in her elaborate gardens.

Love the ideas.

And that’s my thoughts for today.


Sunday, September 3, 2017


I love a Sunset.  So beautiful yesterday.


Today was a rainy and chilly day.  A good day to turn on the fireplace.  I love the ambiance of a crackling fire on a day like today.

IMG_20170903_164117184 (1)

I changed my table around and put a Fall color tablecloth on and some Fall looking placemats as well as a different candle.


It was a good day for a hearty and warm soup, so I used up my veggies that I got at Pete’s the other day.  I put in some Herbs de Provence, carrots, onions and celery to start with.  Then some northern beans, bay leafs, chicken broth, zucchini and summer squash.  It just made a cozy supper for Sunday night.


I got some apples at a local orchard on Saturday and they were really delicious.  Love them. ❤  I slice them and put them on my oatmeal with a little cinnamon in the morning.  And I like the apples for salad with power greens, walnuts and blue cheese.  Then I love my apple cider vinegar dressing that I make to put over the salad.   It’s just vinegar, olive oil, mustard and a little garlic and thyme.  The apples are good as a snack, also.


I got a Mum plant at my grocery store yesterday and I love it for a Fall decoration.  They were only $3.99 at the Market Basket and that’s not bad.


Then they had little Mum plants at the Walmart for $1.00.  I found one that was just right for my little Scarecrow planter.


I saw a really neat idea on “The Kitchen” show on the Food network today.  They just took a rope and made a loop on it.  Then they took some lavender bunches and some sage bunches and used some wire to tie them to the rope and put a bow at the top and hung them to dry in their kitchen.   It scents the kitchen and just looks really neat as well.


So it’s been a kind of fun weekend so far.


I got a Maple Creamee yesterday to celebrate the last days of summer.  That is actually what they called a small cone believe it or not.  So good as I didn’t eat lunch and stopped on the way to grocery shopping and after that huge ice cream cone, I was glad that I had room for it.


I got some imitation lobster and Old Bay seasoning as well as some dill to make Lobster Rolls.  Kind of fun and they make a nice lunch.


I also got some corn on the cob at Pete’s.  I love the one that they call butter and sugar.  It’s so sweet with melted butter and a little sea salt.  They also had local peaches from Alysons Orchards at Pete’s and I picked up a couple of peaches.  Yum!


I love the above dream pantry.  I would have a wine cooler where that little refrigerator is.  And then have a coffee bar on that counter top.





I like the above style for Fall.

And for a frugal find, gas has gone up about twenty cents per gallon.  In New Hampshire there is a gas station that gives you a five cent discount per gallon if you pay cash and it’s already fifteen cents less per gallon then Vermont.  So I fill my tank up in that gas station and it saves me about twenty cents per gallon always.

And that’s my thoughts for today.

Last Day of August


With Labor Day weekend coming up this weekend, I saw the usual ideas for the weekend.  Corn on the cob on the grill, kabobs, hamburgers and deviled eggs.  I made a new board on my Pinterest for Labor Day ideas.


I saw a recipe for Taco Burgers that sounded good and pinned the recipe on my Labor Day Pinterest board.


I love the idea for a S’Mores Bar.


I saw a recipe for a burger sauce that had a few extra touches in it that sounded awesome.  I pinned the recipe on my Burgers board on my Pinterest.


I love Broccoli Salad and especially when it has bacon in it.  I pinned that recipe on my Salads Pinterest board.


Seven Layer Dip is always fun and I love the idea of those little individual servings.  I put that recipe on my Labor Day Pinterest board.


And then a recipe for the grill that sounded really good was the Hawaiian Chicken Bacon Kabobs.  Yum!  I pinned that recipe on my Pinterest Labor Day board also.


Then a Berry Trifle to celebrate the end of summer.  Could do individual or a big trifle. I think that I put that recipe on my Pinterest Labor Day board.

18a5bf7a54b30ed05e4e02f49e744698 (1)

It’s getting soup weather again and I love the idea of Panera’s Broccoli Cheddar Cheese Soup recipe.  I put that recipe on my Pinterest Soup board.


I love the ideas for toppings for soups, like scallions, shaved Parmesan, sour cream,  grated cheddar and Oyster crackers.  All kinds of bread ideas on the side.


It was chilly yesterday and I made myself some Lentil soup using lentils that I buy in bulk at the Food Co-op and keep in my pantry.  I loved using my Pioneer Woman bowl and dish.  I used organic 3-color carrots, organic celery, chopped onion to start with all sauteed in my Le Creuset pot which I love.  Then I added low sodium Chicken broth, organic bay leafs and thyme and the cup of Lentils and just let them simmer for about 50 minutes.  Love it.


And I saved some of the soup in my favorite soup cup to have for lunch for today with a nice salad and some crusty bread.


I saw a neat throw pillow at Pier-1 Imports for Fall decorating.  It’s called Fall by the Sea Pumpkin Pillow.  I love the colors.


Sarah Vickers has a really nice New England style and she has a website called “Classy Girls Wear Pearls”.   I like the above dress.

dress 2

So for my frugal find, the dress originally cost $90.00 and it’s on sale for $31.00 at Macy’s.  It would be nice to have for next summer and this is the time of year to get a good deal at end of summer sales.


Sarah Vickers lives in Rhode Island with her husband.  Can you imagine being able to have a romantic Pizza on a dock with your husband at sunset.  Now that would be a really fun way to celebrate the last days of summer.


I like the idea of fat burning foods.  I wonder if they really work.  The trouble is, I have read all kinds of books on nutrition and healthy diets.  The doctors all contradict themselves on what is healthy.  I guess that you just have to think for yourself and use common sense.


I’ve always wanted to plant the seeds that are always in lemons when you buy them.  I wonder if it really works because lemon blossoms are just a heavenly scent.


A baby spider plant from my  original Spider plant fell off the plant and I put the baby spider in water and let roots grow.  Then I planted it in Miracle Grow potting soil and got the above beautiful Spider Plant with babies of it’s own.  I love that plant.


The original Spider Plant is in my window with my African Violets.  You have got to love plants.  They are just so fun to care for and watch grow.

And that’s my thoughts for today.  Have a fun and wonderful day.






End of August


I love Sunflowers.  They have a beautiful bouquet of the Sunflowers at Pete’s Farm stand in Walpole for $5.00 right now.  Another treat that I love at Pete’s is peaches that they have now that are from Alyson’s Orchards.


I like the shawl type sweater that Kate Middleton wore when she went shopping.  It’s just right for this time of year and would look stylish with a pair of stretch jeggings, a white V-neck pullover and a pair of comfortable flats.  I think it would be fun to wear grocery shopping.


I found a free pattern to knit a shawl almost identical to the one that Kate Middleton has.  I put the link to the pattern on my Pinterest sewing and crafts board.  I found the pattern about a year ago.

Barefoot Dreams that is available on QVC has a soft shawl type sweater that is not knitted but is a very soft material in the same style idea.


I like the Olive Garden and their Zuppa Toscana soup sounds like an awesome recipe.  I pinned the recipe on my Soup recipe board on my Pinterest.


The crockpot Sausage, Spinach and white bean soup sounds really good.  I make one like it with Kielbasa that I really like.  I put the recipe for the crockpot soup on my Crockpot board on my Pinterest.


The Crockpot Turkey Breast sounds really good, also.  One turkey breast could be used with potatoes and green beans, then sliced on top of a salad and finally in delicious soup or a sandwich.  So you could get several meals out of it.



A couple of years ago we took a tour of a Yankee Barn home in Grantham, NH.  I love the double sided fireplace that they had in the cathedral ceiling great room.  On the other side of the fireplace was the dining room.  Just plain awesome.


When the Fall Maple trees start getting color in about a month or so, Route 100 in Vermont is a beautiful route to take to see some beautiful Fall foiliage.  Also the Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts through the Berkshires is really pretty for a Fall trip.


I saw a really cute idea for a Fall door on Etsy and it can be personalized.  My grandchildren call me “Ma-Linda” So I would have “Ma-Linda’s Pumpkin Patch” with my six grandchildren for my pumpkins.


I saw the above idea for organizing the kitchen counter.  It looks like it saves space to me. There is never enough counter top space in my opinion.


And that’s my thoughts for today.  I think that Fall is my favorite time of year.

Friday….August 25, 2017


I was thinking of some of the old New England foods that I knew as a kid.  One of my favorites was gingerbread with whip cream.  I put a recipe for the gingerbread in my Vermont recipes on my Pinterest.


Yankee Baked beans with maple syrup,  bacon and dry mustard the way my Mom made them was always fun to have on Saturday nights for supper with hot dogs.  I put that recipe in my Vermont recipes on my Pinterest, also.


I like corn muffins with chili and a really fast and easy recipe that always comes out really good is to add sour cream to the Jiffy muffin mix.  There is a really easy recipe that I love that I pinned on my muffin recipe board on my Pinterest.


On some of the cook shows, I see design ideas for the kitchen that I sometimes like.  For example, I like that oval window in Sara Moulton’s TV cook show.


I like the lanterns, the cabinet colors, the post on the side and the back splash of Sara Richardson’s cottage kitchen from her design show on HGTV.


I really like the colors and design of that kitchen.


And then Sara Richardson added on a room with windows to take in the ocean view.


Love the lounge chair idea.


I like the colors that Sara Richardson used in the guest bedroom and then the glass doors that open to the outside is a neat idea.

What an awesome beach cottage.  Sara designed and made over an older cottage and with the location right on the water, just wow.


I love Lobster rolls but they are expensive and I can’t cook a lobster.  I saw a really neat recipe for a Seafood Sandwich that used that Imitation Lobster or Crab Meat.  They used mayonnaise, chopped red onion, lemon juice and Old Bay Seasoning.  Sounds really good to me and I saved the recipe in my Pinterest Sandwich board.


I saw the above and it made me laugh.  I always wanted to be the dancing lessons type and delicate and all that.  But I was not a delicate child and liked to climb trees to the tree cabin, roller-skate, ride bikes and just have fun.



I saw the above on Pinterest and I really would like to be organized and if the day is started right, the whole day seems to go better.  I put all the ideas on my Organize board on my Pinterest.   A few things I remember is to put a load of laundry in, get dressed, read the bible, make a To Do list and a few other things that I can’t remember.  I hope have a nice cup of coffee in on the list and maybe journal.


I like the above dressing table idea.  A 3-way mirror to be able to comb your hair just right and then fancy perfumes in a tray like old Hollywood style.  And then drawers for make-up and stuff.  I love the chair, also.


I like jumpsuits.  They are figure flattering and comfortable.  I like the above style and would like to find a pattern like that and sew up a couple of jumpsuits with all kinds of neat material.  When I was a Junior in High School, I had enough credits to graduate so my senior year I took a couple of subjects just for fun like Fashion and Fabrics.  I loved it and learned a lot on how to sew and now I’m glad that I took an interest in that because it can save you money and also it’s hard to find clothes that fit right and it’s fun to choose fabrics.

And that’s my thoughts for today.  Have a wonderful day!



Thursday……August 24, 2017

nantucket 3

I would love a cottage like the above.  Just so pretty.

kitchen 7

I love how a kitchen has soffit lights in the ceiling, track lights as well as lights under the cabinets.  And if that isn’t enough, chandelier lights and lights under the top stove hood.


I saw a recipe for Cape Cod Turkey Salad.  The salad had cranberries, walnuts, mayonnaise, sour cream and cubed turkey.  Yum!


I also saw a recipe for Newport Clam Chowder that won a chowder cookoff in Newport.  The recipe called for butter, chopped onions, a little flour, a quart of shucked clams with liquid, 6 jars of clam juice, a lb of boiling potatoes chopped, half & Half cream and some fresh dill.  Everything was cooked separate and then mixed together.  I pinned the recipe on my soups board on my Pinterest.



I love jewelry anyways, and the above Ruby ring with a romantic name like Ruby Eleanor of Aquitaine Ring made by Hedgegrow Rose just melts my heart.  What a beautiful ring.


And then the awesome Lapis ring also made by Hedgegrow Rose.  So antique looking and just beautiful.  I put the links on where they could be bought on my jewelry board on my pinterest.


I also love pearls as they are just so classy looking and with the neutral color can go with any outfit.


I saw a recipe for Vermont Apple pie and the crust looked like my Gram’s pie crust.  The recipe just said to use a pie crust recipe, but I like how they dotted the filling with butter like my Mom used to.  I pinned the recipe on my Pie board on my Pinterest.

I came across a few frugal tips that sounded good.  One tip was to buy pantry staples when they are on sale at half price and then stock up.

Also to get rid of cable as it is just too expensive and use Netflex.


I came across a website that had awesome gluten-free recipes that were not expensive to make.  The above book was also on that website.  One recipe that I found interesting was home-made wraps for rolled up sandwiches.


There was also a recipe for home made hummus.  All the recipes were on


The sandwich wrap sounded good to me.

shephards pie

The Shepherd’s pie sounded like a good recipe, also.


I saw the above for a fashion idea to wear for Fall which is coming right up.  I think I would skip the shoes idea.  But I like the sailor style top with the stripes.  The jeans are cute if they are stretch.  The jacket is kind of classy looking because I saw Kate Middleton with a jacket just like that on.  The leather strap watch is classic and the purse is a little like a safari bag and I think I would skip on that.  The glasses are a little much, but I’ve noticed that is the style now.  I use my cell phone camera and it works really nice, but a professional camera is kind of neat.

And that’s my thoughts for today.