July is starting out nice. We got a little rain yesterday and today the humidity seems to be out of the air.

Yesterday was a good day to be out and about between showers. A nice walk across the dam and a view of Mt Ascutney was fun.

This weekend is the 4th of July. With the virus, I don’t know how much fireworks that there will be around. Hopefully there will be something on the television for fireworks which is fun to watch.

A lot of people have camps that they can go to on the water. How fun to have a nice fire pit and summer fun. When I was a kid, my Dad always had friends that he worked with that had camps on the lake and he would rent a cottage for a week from a few of them when he was on vacation which was usually in July. So many fun memories.

So fun to make s’mores on the campfire. Happy campers everywhere and just plain fun. We didn’t have a boat, but neighbors did and we would go water skiing and just enjoy everything the lakes had to offer.

You know those scallops that are wrapped in bacon that are so scrumptious. Well how about a grilled scallop and bacon salad. Sounds good to me.

If we could get together, it would be fun to make Ina Gartens Flag cake for the weekend. Cream cheese frosting with raspberries and blueberries sounds really good. I pinned the recipe on my pinterest for future reference.

Also a stars and stripes pie sounds really nice. It looks really fancy and not that difficult to make.

I love the above idea for a table centerpiece for the 4th. The blue Hydrangea with the red carnations adding babies breath and a flag is just stunning in a blue jar.

It would be fun to go over to the coast and have some fried clams at a clam shack. No one is traveling right now, though. There is a highway that goes from Glouster, Massachusetts to Maine right along the ocean that is very scenic and just plain fun. Then there is Maine to have a lobster roll or a lobster dinner. Yum.

Hoping that next summer is better then this one. Although staying home isn’t all bad.

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