June Monday

June Monday

I went on an early morning walk this morning and I saw a cute little baby fawn. A girl that was running around the track that I was walking around told me that she saw a fawn running around in the field. I didn’t see anything and then I saw in the distance the little fawn running along the fence. It stopped for a minute, and then ran back the other way away from me. Then to my surprise, the little fawn came back to where I was and stopped and looked at me long enough that I could take a photo of it. It was magical.

Along the path that I take to get to the track, was the above white flower bush. I thought that it was pretty and it was all along the path. I got out early and even so, the temperature was in the 80’s. We have been in the 90’s here for about 5 days in a row. A heat wave and I was glad to get back home and turn on the air conditioners.

In Chester where you can buy a produce box for $25.00 that is worth about $62.00 and has the freshest and nicest veggies and fruit ever, you can also put in an order for the above Peonies bouquet. It costs $20.00, but the bouquet includes a vase and if you bought that bouquet at a Florist, I’m sure that it would cost a lot more. I didn’t buy one, but if I could actually afford it, I would purchase that beautiful bouquet in a New York second.

This week they also have herbs that are organic from an awesome supplier that are 3 for $15.00. I put in an order for lavender, alpine strawberry plant and a thyme plant. They come in an organic pot except for the lavender which has a plastic pot. They have a number of slots and when that number of slots is full, you miss out on them. I ordered early and can pick them up on Saturday morning. I love it.

Up near Stowe, Vermont there is a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream plant. That’s where they make their ice cream and the waffle ice cream cones with awesome flavors of ice cream is a really fun place to visit. I would like one of those cones today, but it’s like 80 miles or so from where I am.

I have some frozen fruit in the freezer that I made a green smoothie with and I decided to put it in my popsicle molds. It was quite good, but I’ve made other popsicles that I have liked better. Just plain orange juice in the popsicle molds is really good. Anyways, the popsicles were very refreshing on these very hot and humid days.

I have a ton of lettuce that I have to use up. A really neat way to use the lettuce is to make a wrap for a Big Mac. The secret sauce is so easy to put together and I have some Boston lettuce that works perfect. Some grass fed hamburg, an heirloom sliced tomato, dill pickle and American cheese. Some parchment paper that is folded into a triangle and then folded around like you would a babies diaper and it works nice. A Big Mac without a lot of carbs.

I have some grilled chicken in my freezer and I think the above recipe sounds good to make a chicken salad. I have some baby greens that would be perfect for a base to put the salad on.

My son makes a curry chicken salad that has mayonnaise, maple syrup, onions, apples, raisins and of course curry powder. I like that idea also for to put in a wrap.

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