The 4 Seasons of Vermont

I really like living in an area that has 4 seasons.  There is something very beautiful about each season.  Right now it is November and close to Thanksgiving.  All the New England traditions for a family gathering and giving thanks is a very special time of year.  I always remember back in the day when Grandparents came for the gathering.  The huge feast that Mom would prepare.  Gram always made the gravy right at the stove and brought her huge rolls that were scrumptious.  The dining room table all set up with the best china.  The sideboard with grapes, peanut brittle, fudge and all kinds of delightful and special treats.  The huge turkey stuffed with dressing.  The cranberry sauce, squash, mashed potatoes, green beans, boiled onions on the table family style.  Then the celery, pickles, cheese and all kinds of relish tray stuff.  Mom always made pies that varied from year to year.  But usually a chocolate cream, mince and pumpkin.  After dinner Mom and Gram would visit for awhile and then the clean up where the women all pitched in.  Dad, Grandpa and my older brothers would play penny anti which is a card game.   Some years there was snow on Thanksgiving day.  Just wonderful memories.

Then when I was married and had my own house, I loved creating a feast.  I liked making a New York style cheesecake, all kinds of pies and the traditional New England turkey dinner with all the fixings.  We would light a fire in the fieldstone fireplace in the dining room.  Beautiful memories.

Then living in the times we live in, divorce broke up my dream world.  My grandparents are no longer with us or my parents.  I am now a grandparent and have hosted dinner now and then with all the traditions I grew up with.  My usual Thanksgiving is going out to a nice restaurant buffet which is kind of fun.  The salad bar, all kinds of delightful choices of a feast and the dessert bar.  Lots of fun memories with friends and family.

Then Black Friday is now another tradition.  It’s fun to scan all the Ads and find a must have deal as Christmas is just around the corner.

But this month of November always has lots to be thankful for and traditions that are always memorable.





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