November is the month that I was born. Sometimes my birthday falls on Thanksgiving day as it was the last Thursday of the month that I was born and Thanksgiving day.

12196213_987458671305842_7574728180598618084_nLiving in Vermont most of my life,  I know that this month can have snow, and most often does.  Most of the ski areas that can make snow are now open for skiing.  We have been lucky this year, as even though it gets down to freezing temperatures at night, we have not had any snow yet, at least in southern Vermont.  And it is supposed to stay nice all this week.

I enjoy cooking and baking.  But the truth is you really have to have the right tools, in my opinion, to make things turn out right.  The critical tool being a really good stove (preferably gas) and a really good oven or two.  Good stainless steel cookware, a Le Creuset pot and maybe a green frying pan that is non stick.  Also basic baking pans.


This time of year, I love the King Arthur Flour catalog that comes in my mail.  Recipes in the catalog as well as all the latest in mixes, neat baking pans, bread making tools and everything delightful if you enjoy baking.


I really like recipe books and all kinds of ideas for all the seasons.  A neat idea is to try one recipe from each book that you own as often as possible.  I also love magazines and all the ideas that are in them.  Pinterest is the most amazing and fun site that I have yet to find.  Some of the ideas that are out there are just awesome.  And there is something for any interest that you may have.


I am new to blogging and my site is a work of progress.  I just really enjoy writing my thoughts and hope that I can have a really nice blog with interesting posts.

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