Easy November Supper

Sometimes when I feel like something fast and easy to make, I make a veggie stir fry.  The one I made tonight was so flavorful and almost as good as having Chinese take out.  I just took a bag of frozen Birds Eye Broccoli Stir Fry and stir fried it in a large fry pan with some olive oil.  Then I mixed a little low sodium soy sauce with a few drops of Sesame oil and poured that over the stir fry when it was almost done.  Then I just put some Uncle Ben’s Microwave Brown and Wild Rice in the microwave for 90 seconds.  Stirred in a little butter and Paula Deen’s House seasoning into the rice when the rice was done.  I  put the rice in a pasta bowl with the stir fry over it.  Sometimes I stir fry tofu or shrimp with it.


I like the napkins that I found at Ocean Lots.  They just make a nice touch to a late Fall supper.  And they cost less for the 2 packages that go together, then for one package of plain white napkins in the grocery store.  Also the soy sauce and sesame oil mixture tastes just like the dipping sauce that they have Chinese buffets.  It just gives the right flavor to the stir fry.  Just a cozy little supper with the fireplace going and string white lights on my floor to ceiling planter that is the corner by my table for ambiance.

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