Thanksgiving Ideas

I like to see all the awesome ideas for table settings for holidays.  This is one that is an inspiration for Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving placecards copy

I just put this template in my pictures library on my computer.  Then I saved it to a disk on the D drive.  Took the disc to the Walmart and had 4X6 picture copies made that I made myself on their Kodak machine.  Folded it in half and wrote the names of my guests on it for a name card for each place setting.  They loved it last year.  I could have printed it myself on my printer, but it saves ink and comes out beautiful using the photo machine.

Another idea for a centerpiece that looks elegant and is simple is the pumpkin with flowers in it.  At work one year for the potluck that we used to have for Thanksgiving, my boss’s daughter sent centerpieces like this in.  I just thought it looked really seasonal and nice.

070c8acf193d4be5893f94d7a8fb8c7d - Copy

Another table setting idea is the following:gobble-coaster (1)

I got this idea when we had Thanksgiving at an Inn one year.  They had these cute coasters and a little cup of mulled cider on them.  I have the directions to make this using an easy crochet stitch on my pinterest board called Thanksgiving.

Then today on the Food network, I saw Alex’s Indian Pudding.  It caught my eye because one year as a bonus, a place where I worked sent us all plus a guest to Boston for the day.  They chartered a bus so we could all travel together.  We were free to shop or whatever and then met at “The Top of the Hub” for dinner with anything we wanted on the menu.  I took my son, James, with me and he loved it.  For dessert he had Indian Pudding and he loved it.  So I saved the recipe I saw today as a “must try recipe”.  It’s on the Food Network.


Then I like this thankful message:


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