Couple of Seasonal Traditions

Some traditions that I like to do each year as little treats along the way at this time of year.  First is hot chocolate at Burdick’s Chocolate with a couple of their chocolate mice.


Burdick’s Chocolate is like a Cafe that you would find in Paris to me.  The best chocolate ever and it’s just over the border in New Hampshire.  They make a cute little snowman that is dark chocolate ganache,  topped with a roasted hazelnut, dipped in white chocolate and then finished with a dark chocolate top hat.  So cute.

P0004664 (1)

Very expensive and I just usually buy one for a treat.


Then I like to try Starbucks Peppermint Mocha Latte.  Or make my own.


Then I like to have McDonalds Eggnog Shake that they have this time of year.  It’s fun to go Christmas shopping and go through the drive through and enjoy this scrumptious seasonal shake.


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