December 14, 2015

This time of year is so magical and pretty.  I watched an ice skating Holiday special on TV yesterday.  So much fun to watch as they had a live band and professional skaters.  Beautiful lights and music and was just very special to see.

I like the beautiful scenery in the Vermont area this time of year.


Usually just a dusting of snow in the higher elevation areas with the heavy snow in the very near future.

Barefoot Contessa from the Food network had a holiday special that was filmed in the Berkshires just south of us in Massachusetts.  I liked the recipes that she featured and I pinned all the recipes on my Pinterest board “All things Christmas”.  The shortbread cookies that were cut in shapes of snowflakes and stars was interesting to me.  Also her fennel and pea soup looked awesome for this time of year.



She made a cheese board for a fireside picnic that she found all local ingredients.


And then she made a home made pasta dish that looked good.


Loved the french toast recipe she featured and made at the Southfield Store.


And if that was not enough, she made peppermint hot chocolate with candy cane stirrers.  So much fun to watch as they enjoyed a roaring fireplace and a gathering around it.

She also bought gingerbread molasses cookies and oatmeal pecan cookies.  Then miniature gingerbread houses that looked really cute.

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