December 16, 2015

I like these Christmas bulbs that you can make from clear bulbs.


This Christmas ornament is sooo cute.  Hallmark has a 1954 Chevy green pick up truck with a Christmas tree in the back for a keepsake ornament.  They were sold out of the ornament in Springfield, but I found one in the Hallmark store in Keene today.  It cost $17.00.  A little more then I thought, but bought it anyways.


I had so much fun shopping today.  Lots of traffic and lots of people shopping.  I stopped and got a peppermint hot chocolate at Burdick’s Chocolate in Walpole on my way home.  Also a chocolate madeline as well as a plain madeline with raspberry for a treat.  Also got a beautiful Burdick’s 2016 calendar.  So nice.

On my bucket list is to go on a horse drawn sleigh ride in the snow.  My Mom lived in northern Vermont and in the winter went to school in a horse drawn sleigh.

A sleigh ride in Iowa.

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