December 17, 2015

Some fun Christmas traditions that are cheery and seasonal.  I like to buy one new Hallmark ornament that is keepsake each year for the Christmas tree.  This year I got the 1954 truck with a Christmas tree in the back.  I saw it in the Hallmark Dream book and can’t believe I found one.


Then it’s fun to make Christmas cookies that are easy to make, not too fussy but look nice.





Then a traditional steamed pudding with hard sauce.  You have to have a special pan to make it.


I love how nice a Christmas wreath looks for decorating.


I always get the “paper white” bulbs that grow in about 4 weeks or so like the ones on the table.  They are supposed to be good luck to grow inside this time of year.  They are in most stores like Walmart in the plant and decoration section and I get mine sometimes at the local florist.  This year I got a beautiful red bulb Christmas tree ornament with a white snowflake on it for free with the purchase of 5 flower bulbs that were in a brown paper bag with a big red bow.  Just made a fun day buying them as well as planting the flower bulbs in a container.


Also a cozy fireplace is nice.

Christmas-Tree-Decoration-with-Presentation (1)

Lots of different styles that are cozy….



Then there is the tradition of building a snowman from a kit that just needs snow added.


A beautiful, magical time of year.


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