Balsam & Cedar

My favorite Yankee Candle is Balsam & Cedar.  It just smells like Christmas.  When I was at the Hallmark store I bought one candle at regular price and got one for $1.00.  Love it!  Saved myself a little and every little bit helps this time of year for sure.


I love these photos of  Cardinals.  They just look like  Christmas cards to me.

cardinal ice storm



Quite an adventure I had yesterday was to try and make photo Christmas cards at the Walmart.  The machines they have for making your own photo card are not user friendly.  It takes forever to get through all the steps and after about 2 hours choosing and making cards, I went to print them and the whole place of machines were all out of ink after a few of mine printed out.  I could have personalized them and I had a few with photos of my grand kids that are still in the machine and they have to order ink and it takes a few days.  To add insult to injury, there was one person in the photo department and she went on break and I had to wait for her break to end before I could pay for the few cards that came out.  Maybe I can use the ones still in the machine next year.  One of the cards that printed out with a photo that I had on a disc is the following:


The “Merry Christmas” format was in the Hallmark Holiday section and I just added the photo.  Only one printed out.  I like this card better then what I could find in any store all made.

I like the way the following envelope is designed and how it says on the photo card, “All that is unwritten, be it bright”.  So beautiful.  I saw another card that said “Merry little everything” and it was typing that looked like writing.


The above card  inspired me to make a card at Walmart.  I think the one above was ordered online at artifactuprising and I saw it on my facebook feed.

Maybe next year I can think of something creative like the above.  This year I am late and have had some hard luck trying to be creative.  Oh well.



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