Holiday Cheer

Sometimes this time of year can be stressful as well as sad from things that are beyond your control.  I try to have little pick me ups around my space to just make the days a little brighter and sparkly.

First is a Poinsetta plant that just is so Christmas and beautiful.  This one was given to me by a friend.


Then on the way home from shopping and being very tired and it’s usually late, I like to enjoy the beautiful Christmas light displays that people have and I have Christmas carols playing on the car radio in stereo along with usually some kind of treat like an eggnog shake from McDonalds or I like ice coffee that is only $1.00 for a medium.  So refreshing.   The following display  is always so fun to see and I go by it every time I go out as it is just down the street from me.


I don’t have a lot of money to spend, but I find little things that are must haves for the season.  I saw these little snowman salt and pepper shakers and they just make me smile.  They were half price and very inexpensive to begin with.  But with holiday napkins in the background and my crystal candle holder, it is cheerful on the table.


Cute little things.


Then it’s always fun to see the paperwhite bulbs that I planted start to come to life.  Can’t wait to see them grow a little more each day.


Then a very cute, easy and inexpensive treat is store bought chocolate covered donuts that are made into reindeer.  I think they are fun.

reindeer donuts

I like this Vermont sign.  Welcome to Vermont.  🙂



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