December 22, 2015

Vermont Bed and Breakfast Style was on the Food Network’s Bobby Flay show this morning.  I liked the Vermont Cheddar & Herb Scrambled Eggs that he featured that were in a Black Pepper Popover.  And he had Maple Glazed Canadian Bacon with it.  The recipe is on the Food Network and I pinned in to my Brunch board on Pinterest.


Then on the same show, he had Vermont Bed & Breakfast Style Baked Apples with Oatmeal and Yogurt.  Looked good to me and I pinned that recipe to my Pinterest Brunch board, also.


But for Christmas morning in Vermont, an easy and fun breakfast is usually pancakes with real maple syrup.


Maybe Eggs Benedict….with a glass of Champagne for brunch if you want to get fancy.


Cinnamon Rolls are always good……


Or a fruit and yogurt parfait is always fun…….


I love this little Maple Syrup container that they have at the Vermont Country Store…..


My Mom used to always like Christmas hard candy and the Christmas candy called Peach Blossoms that has peanut butter in the middle of it for Christmas treats.  She always had some in the house during the Christmas season.  I don’t know how Vermont it is, but it sure is old fashioned.



I like this idea of a candy cane on a napkin at the table setting…..


It’s just a fun time of year and everyone has little traditions.  Love it.


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