Christmas Nostalgia

I like this snowman Christmas mug.  It just makes me smile.

snowman mug

I can remember when my first born son had a pair of plaid pajamas almost exactly like the ones in the photo that looked so cute for Christmas.


That Christmas we were a young married couple.  We rented a house, had a new car, new furniture, new appliances and the cutest little son.  I remember I got those PJ’s in the Sears Wish book catalog that used to come out every year.  I loved going to Sears and getting that catalog. I can remember a lot of toys from the Sears Wish book were under the tree that year.

I like this little bird feeder.  It somehow reminds me of a little French outdoor cafe.  And I love everything French.  I can remember the first home that we owned.  We had a bird feeder with all kinds of sunflower seeds, suet and the whole nine yards hung on the round clothes line in our back yard.  To please our little feathered friends, I remember my husband plowing out through waist deep snow refilling the feeders.  They were just so fun to watch.  All kinds of majestic and cute birds would visit.


This time of year with one year ending and another one almost ready to begin is a time that brings back memories and yet makes you hope for the best in the year ahead.


New little Grandsons.  So cute and just little Cherubs.  Rubber band rolls on their wrists and just little and precious.

Older Grandsons getting their drivers license, playing sports, working part time jobs and just growing up too fast.  Time goes so fast.  I guess this time of year brings it all back.


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