December 25, 2015

I really like the following Christmas table ideas.




I think the patterns on the dinnerware are really pretty and add to the spirit of Christmas.

Some traditional Christmas day dinner ideas that I like include some of what I grew up with.  My Mom sometimes made a baked ham with pineapple that had like an orange sauce with brown sugar glaze and cloves that were placed in the diamond like pattern that was cut into the top of the ham.


I like Potato Au Gratin and mashed potatoes as well as sweet potatoes with the side dishes.

au gratin potato casserole

Mashed Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes

A Christmas pasta salad is pretty and has Christmas colors in it.


My husband used to like Mince Pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream at Christmas.

mincemeat pie with icecream

I like the following Christmas Cake idea.


I like a round table like the following:


I like the following dinnerware, also.  The setting has a soft, Christmas glow.  I like to collect ideas.



It’s always fun to make paper snowflakes to hang in windows.  I have a book that shows how to make pretty patterns for snowflakes.


So Christmas day is here.  Actually, most of my ideas are stored on my Pinterest Boards on the computer.  Maybe some day I will get to use some of them.  It’s always next year with me or I used to be able to do this.  Life has little twists and turns.  To cheer myself up today, I watched Christmas videos on Instagram for awhile.  Some of them are so entertaining and really fun.  No matter how sad sometimes holidays are, there are always little things that make the day better.  Loved ones that are no longer with us always come to mind this time of year.   I read that to do nice things for yourself will always make this time of year better.  Working on this blog is very fun and I really can suggest anyone to find an outlet for your creative side.


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