Spa Day

I always wanted to have a spa day at home.  A day just of pampering and doing all things that are healthy and good for you.  I love this little teddy bear from Vermont Teddy in Burlington.


I saw this recipe for Chai Pudding on the “Oh She Glows” blog.  Chai seeds are supposed to be healthy and good for you.  And this recipe has all kinds of healthy ingredients that would be perfect for a spa day.

Chai pudding

Then this healthy bowl that includes sweet potatoes, cauliflower and Cilantro Black Bean Quinoa Salad with Cumin and Lime.

220884b594eab1582174f1d60ca3cd0d (1)

I would love to have a yoga space.  Maybe a soft throw, candles, yoga mat and some inspiration pictures on the wall.

A nice walk outside, an aerobic exercise also.  Maybe do a facial, a manicure and a pedicure.  Soak the feet in a foot soak with rose petals.  Have a bubble bath with candle light.  The ultimate would be to splurge and have a massage, have your hair shampooed, cut and styled.

Have to have a smoothie and something from the juice machine.


Now all that would make life bearable and give you a new outlook and positive attitude.  This time of year needs something to lift the spirits.


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