January 11, 2016

It’s a sunny day today. It rained yesterday and last night.  Unusual for this time of year.

Martha Stewart’s Cooking School is on TV every morning at 9:30 AM.  Today she had Pasta making from scratch.  She had an Italian man on that had all kinds of tools for making really awesome pasta.  She also has the recipe for basic pasta on her web page.  I don’t think that it is easy to do, but well worth the effort.


It was fun watching all the shapes that were made from pasta.  And there were all kinds of tips on how to make lasagna, ravioli, tortilini and all kinds of pasta that were filled.


The garden seed catalogs are already coming in the mail.  I just love it.  It’s fun to see all the heirloom seeds, the herbs, the flowers and beautiful garden ideas.  My favorite is a kitchen garden catalog.  People are already starting to plant tomato seeds to start tomato plants inside.  Also the primrose plants are already showing up in the grocery store plant sections.

I had a little spider plant that fell from the main plant when I moved the plant.  So I put the baby spider plant in water and it grew roots.  Now I have another beautiful spider plant.


I have fun with plants.  It’s enjoyable to have them and especially in the winter.  It just is like a breath of fresh air to me.



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