Sunday Coffee


I like this little coffee station.  It has a kind of French style and classic, relaxed style.  I like the color of the chalkboard frame and what my Mom always called “the sideboard” stand that holds the coffee stuff.    I like the style of the shelves that hold the coffee mugs and little coffee sugar bowls, creamers and canisters.


This style is a little much, but the chalkboard is cute and the French style of the white sideboard.


Coffee is just something that is nice to linger over on a cold winter morning weekend.


I like cook books and I definitely want to add the above cook book to my collection.

I also like Le Creuset pots.  My favorite color is the French blue which I think they call Marseille or something like that.  Anyways, these pots are very expensive and just an investment because they last forever and they just are a dream to cook with.


This is my dream sewing and craft room.  The chandelier, the “smile”, “dream” signs, the organized shelves, the lots of room table and comfy look of everything.  I would have mine with the window view of a garden with winding paths and raised gardens and a potting shed and green house.  Then distant mountains views.  I would have a more comfy window seat.  The Tiffany blue and white colors are awesome.  This room would bring out the creative side.


But because I like to dream, the following is a a kitchen that would be just what would be fun to cook in.  I would add a pantry.


And because Valentines Day is just around the corner, I like the following Cafe mugs with hearts on them.  They are on Tara’s Temp-tations web page.  The style reminds me of a French Cafe and would be fun to have coffee in for February.


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