January 19, 2016


January is always a good month to try healthy recipes.  Today is a good day to use the juice machine and make a green smoothie. I like getting organic kale at the food co-op and running it through the juice machine with a little lemon, celery, apple and cucumber.


So all the fiber goes into a little container and instead of throwing the fiber away, there were two recipes on the food network today for using that fiber.  One was to make veggie meatballs and the other recipe was for a quick bread.  I saved the recipes on my pinterest and am definitely going to try them.



And January is always a good time to try and get organized.  I have a ton of ideas that I look at now and then.

c8abc2407c46219966f15481e37f80fb (1)

Today was wicked cold.  And to make it even worse, there was a wind.



It’s a good day to stay close to the fireplace.


This is the view from the window of that house with the fireplace that is for sale just across the border from Vermont in New Hampshire.  That is Mt Ascutney in Vermont.


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