Winter Mornings


Sometimes my favorite place in the morning is to sit near the window with my morning coffee and watch the cute little winter birds.


The Chickadees like suet.


The Woodpecker also likes suet.



Nature is beautiful.


Cardinals like sunflower seeds.


And then there is the little rascal…..


He likes everything.


Some people have cute ideas for bird feeders.  I like some of the ideas that I see.


Also little orange halves.


I found a new smoothie recipe that I want to try for breakfast using my new blender.  It has coconut milk, frozen pineapple, banana, coconut oil, turmeric, cinnamon, ginger and chai seeds.  Sounds good to me. Turmeric-Smoothie-Recipe-For-Overall-Health-770x402 (1)

I also want to try ice skating.  It’s sunny out today and not so much wind.


I like how some people put little white lights on trees and leave them on year round.  I think they look romantic and just pretty like star light at night.


I actually enjoy all 4 seasons and at one time thought I would like to be where it is warmer in the winter.  But maybe just a few weeks where it is warmer would be nice.



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