January Garden planning


I love to look in the Garden catalogs and pick out seeds that would be good to plant in the garden come Spring.  I have a Martha Stewart keepsake garden planner that is like a scrap book binder and you can make notes on the best seeds to plant and all kinds of scrap book organizer stuff that is just fun to work on.

s-l1600 (1)

I ordered some awesome seed catalogs and just love to look them over when they come in the mail.  I also like to grow herbs in the kitchen year round.


Herb 2


I love the following idea for herbs to have on the table.


I was looking for seed catalogs and saw the following cookbook that I would like to add to my collection:


I also dream of a potting shed.  I really like the following idea.

garden shed

The months just go so fast as well as the 4 seasons.  It’s fun to plan ahead and dream and plan of what you would like to do.


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