January Thoughts


My son came up to my place and we went out to lunch this week and had fish and chips and also the salad bar.  So fun to see him and we had a really nice visit.


I like the little stuffed peppers on the salad bar and they had a ton of stuff to choose from and also the salad bar includes soup.  We went to The Blackrock Steakhouse.



It was fun to get out and take the dullness out of a cold winter day.

I’m really surprised that Vermont didn’t get any snow from that blizzard that hit the east coast.  They got over two feet of snow in the Virginia area.  That is very unusual for that area.

Up in northern Vermont they got snow this week, as they always get snow up there, but in southern Vermont we got nothing but sunny, blue skies.  They have an ice carving contest in Stowe, Vermont this time of year.  I like the sculpture they made for the Trapp Family Lodge.  It’s really awesome and some people are so talented.


I think that it would be fun to go cross country skiing at the Trapp Family Lodge.  The mountain views are so beautiful and they have awesome trails.


They have sleigh rides, also.  So awesome.


Then there is the hot tub that is outside.


I can just imagine how fun that would be to soak in that and enjoy the beautiful views.  Steamy hot water and cold, brisk air.

Stowe, Vermont is just beautiful.  At Okemo Mountain in Ludlow, Vermont they have a huge heated pool and part of it is indoors and then part of it is outdoors.  It’s exclusive for people that have condo’s in the part of the mountain called “Solitude”.  You can ski on the trail that is just steps from your deck.

So that is my thoughts for this winter day.


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