Winter Cooking

The good part of it being cold outside is that you don’t mind turning on the stove in the kitchen to cook and bake.  I like making soup from scratch.  It makes for a healthy and warm meal and is good with crusty home made bread.  I like making whole grain, no knead bread that you just put in the Le Creuset pot and it’s just nice with soup and also for toast at breakfast.


I like to see the cooking classes that they have for Sur Le Table.  Then I look up the recipes for the awesome recipes that they feature in their classes.  I can almost always find a similar recipe on the internet.  Some of their ideas are Ginger Creme Brulee, Dark Chocolate Mousse, Classic Lemon Tart, Grand Marnier Souffle.  That is all one cooking class.  Then they have Croissant Dough, Classic Croissant, Pain au Chocolat and Ham and cheese filled croissants for another cooking class.  Then there is Dark Chocolate and Cherry Macarons for another cooking class.  Love their ideas.

The Classic Lemon Tart……

main_variation_Default_view_1_426x426 (1)

The Croissant……….

main_variation_Default_view_1_426x426 (2)

The Chocolate and Cherry Macarons…………main_variation_Default_view_1_426x426

I like making Lentil Soup.  I buy my Lentils in bulk at the Food Co-op and start with the trio of carrots, celery and onion.


And I love the I-pad that my kids got me for last mothers day.  I can go into all my Pinterest stored recipes and bring the one I want up on the screen and it makes it easy to read and work with.  Also easy to find.  The next recipe I want to try is Tricia Yearwood’s Crock Pot Macaroni and Cheese.  I have the recipe in my crock pot recipes on Pinterest.



I love the crock pot or slow cooker.  You just throw in the ingredients and forget it for the day and have a nice supper waiting for you.

Then there are winter salads.  I like to use Kale.  I have a favorite dressing that I just make up in a small mason jar and shake it up.  It’s just apple cider vinegar, dijon mustard, herbs, olive oil and then a little salt and pepper.  I like it better then my favorite dressing that is in the grocery store.  Then I like grilled artichokes to add.  I found them in a jar on the grocery store shelf.  I have a few favorite recipes that I have adapted to my taste.  I also like to buy the Organic Baby Greens and Herbs or the Power Greens at the grocery store. Just add cranberries, walnuts and a little of your favorite cheese.


I like Shaved Parmesan over the salad, sometimes.


I also like the Pioneer Woman’s recipe for Kale salad.  She sautees red onions, mushrooms and bacon.  She puts white wine over the onions, mushrooms and red onions.  She uses a balsamic dressing and also goat cheese.  Yum!


I like to cook with eggs.  They are very frugal and also very delicious.  They are fun to make into a fritatta with cheddar cheese, onions and mushrooms.  That is my favorite.  But you can make a meal with eggs and just add a salad.

gruyere crustless quiche

I like to make heart shaped biscuits and use them for a chicken pot pie.  So easy to make and it looks fancy.


Then even easier, is to make heart shaped twinkies.  They are fun for date night and look fancy.


I just like to have fun in the kitchen and it brings out my creative side.




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