January 26, 2016


Kind of a chilly winter day in the 30’s today.  It’s usually much colder then this at this time of year in Vermont. Last year we got so much cold weather and snow.  It’s been really mild so far, but I’m sure we will not escape the winter storms and below zero weather.

Sometimes we go for a walk in Woodstock and past a beautiful place where they have horses.  There are two horses that always come down to the fence to greet us.


We go for about a three mile walk.


I’ve never seen this, but I have heard that crows like to play in the snow and they make snow angels sometimes.  Kind of cute.

On the Today Show they are having casserole recipes featured each day this week.  Yesterday they had Kelsey Nixon’s Tuna Noodle Casserole.  It sounded really good with grated cheddar and panko bread crumbs on top.  I printed the recipe out and am definitely going to try it.  This is casserole weather.


Last night they had the Democratic debate in Iowa on CNN.  I don’t get into politics, but like to watch what the candidates have to say.  I just pop up some popcorn, have a glass of wine and chill out and try and comprehend it all.


I made up a salad today.  It just had power greens, sweet potatoes, pumpkin seeds, chai seeds and cranberries.  Then I put my mason jar dressing over it.  Not bad, but nothing great.  Looks healthy, anyways.


Got a new King Arthur Flour catalog in the mail yesterday.  I love that catalog.  Really neat recipes and ideas.


Arthur 2

I read the catalog from cover to cover.  I also ordered my favorite Vermont wild flower seed catalog yesterday.  That is one of my favorites.  Vermont wildflowers are beautiful.  And the fun part is that once you plant them, they come up every year.

wild flowers



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