January 28, 2016


I like birch trees.  I think they are beautiful.

I also like lavender.  With Valentines day just a few weeks away, I like the idea of a lavender heart wreath for a door.


It is crock pot weather and I bookmarked quite a few recipes in my slow cooker recipe book that I want to try.


Then I saw a recipe on the internet for slow cooker Chicken Pot Pie.  It had a recipe for bread sticks to go with it that are Italian style made with puff pastry.  Sounded good to me.


I like heart wreaths and thought the following was also pretty.


I think the following tablescape idea is sweet for Valentines day.


I used to hate it when everyone at work got roses sent and I was always humiliated by not getting even a single flower.  One time a friend felt so bad for me that a rose came to my desk without saying who it came from.  I know it was even more humiliating.  My gentleman friend will send a dozen roses just for no reason, but will not let me have the pride of Valentines day for some unknown reason.

Anyways, the ultimate show of love would be getting a beautiful Vermont Teddy bear, maybe.  I know, I’m just a hopeless romantic.


Or chocolates are always cool.  I did get chocolates once years ago.  Just the idea of a beautiful heart box makes me smile.


Oh, well.  There are such beautiful stuff out there.

I think that February, which is just a few days away, is one of my favorite months.


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