Ski Country


I used to work at Okemo Mountain at one time.  One of the areas of the mountain that I liked was Solitude Village.  The views from there were just awesome.  And you could just get onto the ski trail a few yards from your deck.

Okemo Mountain Resort, Vermont
Okemo Mountain Resort, Vermont

Then for that village they had the indoor/outdoor pool that was really fun.  Plus when you went in the door of a condo, there was a place to hang your skis and a vent in the floor that had warm air coming up through to dry off your ski boots.


Some of the kitchens in the condos were really nice, too.


The people that own these condos sometimes rent them out when they are not using them.  It actually is a nice income for them and they get to use their place on the best times of the season.

Most of them had fireplaces if not all of them.  Really nice and some people just know how to have fun.


There are several villages on the mountain.  I knew the condos with the best views because I got a tour of all of them all with my job.  I had a Real Estate license, but my job there was to rent out the condos.  Really fun job and I got free skiing and free ski or snow board lessons if I wanted them.


There are also single homes right near the trails on Okemo.  Mostly owned by people from New York City area or Connecticut area as second homes or vacation homes.

They have snow tubing, ice skating, snow shoeing and all kinds of fun stuff.  Lots of nice restaurants in the area.  The people that own the resort are really nice people.

I lived in a town near Ludlow where Okemo is located when I was a kid.  All the kids that could afford the lift ticket prices all had fun there.  I was not one of them.  But I remember all the stories of how fun it was.

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