January 30, 2016


Not much snow so far.  Wonder when we will get hit with a major blizzard.  I like it when the trees are all covered with snow and the sun sets on a winter night.  So pretty.


I saw a really neat recipe in the New York Times for Cheese Danish.  It was one of the recipes that they said would be good to make over the weekend.  Looks good to me.

23JPDANISH4-articleLarge (1)

Another recipe I saw was roasted pecan brownies that had a little rum in them to bring out the flavor.  Sounds good, also.


I really like to bake and the secret to make everything come out is to measure exactly and also make sure the recipe is tried a few times before serving anyone else.  I always find little tweaks to put in the recipe for time it takes in my oven and also flavor just right.  I have heard that the secret to good pie crust is to make sure everything stays cold.  So a marble board and marble pie rolling pin sounded good to me to help in rolling out the dough.  I found a marble board at a really good price at a discount store.  I got it home and opened the box and it was broke right in half.  Back it went.  Some day I might get a marble board, but will probably have to pay a good price for it.


I like a deck to have even in the winter.


Also, a fieldstone  look fireplace is cozy to have.  I like the idea of a gas fireplace where you just click a remote to turn it on.  Some people prefer a wood fireplace.


The most awesome fireplace is a two sided fireplace with one side in the living room and the other side in the dining room.

I think that covered bridges are beautiful.


I think that there is beauty in every season in New England.


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