February 2, 2016


Because I needed to make a Birthday card with Walgrens photo machine, I went to Burdick’s Chocolate and had a hot chocolate while the card was being processed.  I just loved the little heart chocolate boxes.

Then I saw all the neat goodies in their Cafe.  It always reminds me of a French Cafe for some reason.  I love that place.


I know the work that it takes to make a  buttery croissant and they are worth every cent of the price that they cost.

Then the Madeleines.  Yum!  Almond-lime with raspberry and Chocolate almond with orange.  They are just a delight.


Oh, the Macarons.  So awesome.


I would love that whole box of Macarons.


Then the cute little chocolate mice.  Sooo cute!


Burdick’s has all kinds of fancy treats.


They had a new flavor of hot chocolate and I really enjoyed a cup of that to go and I enjoyed it on the way home.  Made my day.


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