Morning Sun


When I looked out my kitchen window this morning while I was making coffee, I thought that the morning sun was really pretty.  I love how the sun made the clouds red.

I like to have coffee in one of my favorite mugs.  Dark roast coffee always makes for a nice morning.


Oatmeal is really fun to have in the morning.  I entered a contest at Quaker Oats for thinking up a recipe with oatmeal and no more then 5 ingredients.


Pfalzgraff Pistoulet is one of my favorite patterns for dishes.  I think it’s because I love anything that reminds me of France.

My son goes to the gym every morning at 5:00 AM and runs 3 miles on the treadmill and lifts weights.  I will only do aerobic walking after about 7:00 AM.  Sometimes I will use a Malibu Palates chair that I have or follow a yoga DVD.

Never a dull minute.  Had to have my car inspected today.  Glad I got that over with for another year.


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