February 4, 2016


Today was a mild day in the 40’s.  The Connecticut River is all open with no ice on it.  Above is a little set back from the Connecticut River that I go by when I go shopping.  There is a boat landing near there.  I could not believe that there were ice fisherman on that set back…….I was not about to get any closer to it, but can you believe there were about 8 or so men out on that ice fishing???  You can see a few of the little houses they put out on the ice and you can barely see the fisherman.  But sometimes they even put vehicles out on that ice when they really shouldn’t and cars have gone through before.  Today, you could see water on top of the ice.  Unreal.

I go up route 5 along the Connecticut River when I go shopping and there is a place right near the river where they have lambs.  Usually they are out in a fenced field by the road, but today they were in a barn that had like a garage door that was up about 1/3 of the way and they were peeking out.  So cute.


The Democratic debate in New Hampshire is on TV tonight, so I guess that I will watch and see what they say.


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