February 5, 2015


We just got a dusting of snow in southern Vermont today.  Winter is trying to come back.


The ski areas can make snow when the temperatures are like they are today.  Up in the mountains it’s usually way cold this time of year. I have a wild and crazy friend that claims he used to ride his motorcycle to work down Hog Back Mountain in the winter before the roads were plowed, scarf flying in the wind.  I can just picture it.  If you know Vermont, that road going into West Brattleboro is no road that you want to travel in the winter, never mind on a motorcycle.


I ordered the above book yesterday on Amazon.  You can look into the book on Amazon and I saw two recipes that really looked good to me.  One recipe was Ski Vermont Farmhouse Chowder.  It had a lot of flavor ingredients like Vermont Apple Cider, hot Italian Sausage, onion, celery, smoked paprika, majaram and fresh basil plus heavy cream added to chicken stock along with the potatoes.  Yum.


Then I saw a Connecticut Farm Table cookbook by the same author and ordered that book, also.  And the really good part is, I don’t have a lot of money to spend.  So, on Amazon they have books that are like new for a fraction of the price.  So I got two books for less then the price of one.  One of the books has never been used and the other one is in like new condition.


The Red Flannel Hash from that book sounded good.


Then the Pistou soup, which is so French.


Also, there was an Apple Muffin recipe.  I really like apple muffins.


So yesterday I ordered both of those books.  I also went shopping for groceries and saw a heart shaped bamboo plant.  I love plants, anyways, and I love bamboo.  So I just had to get that plant.


It was a Valentines gift to myself.  Even the cashier at the grocery store thought it was cute.

And what a fun day I had being stuck in Vermont.

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