February 6, 2016


The weather this year has been warm days and cold nights in February, which is very unusual.  They say that sap is running from the Maple trees to make maple syrup already.  This is usually March weather.

LL Bean in Freeport, Maine has a “Bootmobile” that is kind of neat.  It sometimes travels all over New England.



Then, at the LL Bean store in Freeport, Maine, they have a huge LL Bean boot in front of their store.  I like the LL Bean catalog and like to browse through it from time to time.



This time of year is a nice time to have an omelette for breakfast.  This omelette is from the Chesterfield Inn.  When my son was little we used to go to different places for breakfast on Saturday mornings.  There used to be a place in Putney, Vermont called “The Igloo” that had the best omelettes ever.  We liked the home made sausage and cheddar omelettes that they had there and they came with home made wheat toast.


I have a recipe for mini blueberry muffins from a “The Biggest Loser” cookbook that is fun to make.  The recipe has bananas, yogurt and wheat flour.  It’s really a moist and good tasting muffin.  And the best part is that the muffins are very low in calories and quick and easy to make.  I like them, but my kids like the more traditional blueberry muffins.P1000922

So on this Saturday morning in February in Vermont, it’s sunny and mild weather.  The weather channel says that there are two storms on the way for next week.  We will probably be getting the traditional cold and blizzard type weather, but we have been very lucky this year so far.  The storms have all been coming up the coast and missed us.  Snow can be pretty.  I like it when it sticks to the trees.


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