February 8, 2016


I love this painting called “Golden Blue Morning Light”.

Today is a cloudy day and it might snow, but it has not snowed any yet.  I like covered bridges and I think the following one is really kind of pretty with the snow on it.

Covered bridge in winter white

I like coffee mugs and today I entered a contest to win 6 sets of the Pioneer Woman’s coffee mugs.  I enter her contests every week as she has really neat give aways.


Then I really like to see the newest styles and this week is “Fashion Week” in New York City.  Because I like anything French, I found a web site that had Paris Street Fashion from Fashion Week.  A few of the styles were kind of neat to me.




Then on Harpers Bazar website they had 10 shoes that every woman should have in her closet.  I liked the all weather shoes in the next photo, kind of.


The following Jimmy Choo shoes cost $895.00.  I like the style with a much smaller heel and a much smaller price.


I like the following French style mirror.


Today, I saw some beautiful red, yellow and orange peppers at the grocery store that were on sale.  And they were greenhouse grown.  I have a Bobby Deen cookbook that has a couscous stuffed pepper recipe that I am going to try.


Also a taco stuffed pepper sounds good to try.


I like the following table cloth that they have at The Vermont Country Store.


And they have napkins to match.


I also like Nordstrom’s website.  I got a catalog in the mail today from Nordstroms.  I like the following jacket.


I also like the following little lamb.  I gave my little grandson a book called “Sweet Pea and the Sheepover” which was written by a Vermont author and I am going to get the following little lamb on Amazon to go with it for him.


So those are a few of the things that I like for today.

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