February 9, 2016

Snow-DayI like this painting called “Snow Day”.

We finally got a little snow last night.  It was just a light, powder like snow.  A lot of the schools had a 2 hour delay in starting this morning so the roads could get all plowed and salted.

The ski areas will be glad to have some natural snow for a change.  At Okemo Mountain, the chair lifts are half price for mid week, which is really a nice savings.  I saw on the news that the ski areas expect Presidents week to be good for the skiers.  It’s supposed to get really cold this weekend and more like winter.


I like Queechee Village and the Simon Pierce Restaurant where you have a beautiful view of the waterfall.  The food in the Restaurant is really good, also, along with the ambiance of the views.

Quechee Village

There are some really neat Breweries in Vermont where they make fancy beers.

Long Trail Brewery in Winter

I think that it is pretty when the snow sticks to the trees.


Yesterday was the start of the Chinese New year.  I like the symbols that they have for luck and prosperity.


It’s also the year of the Monkey.


I like the sliding doors that they used for the following entertainment center.  I like the stain color of the wood and the design.



They also use the same design for a pantry door, which is kind of neat.


And that is my thoughts for this day in February.



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